So it's Monday morning, time to get to work? Nah. Time to reflect on the awesomeness of the weekend...

1. How rad is this sketch? It's really just a few inky brushstrokes but from that, we can see an entire story; the shoe, the motion, the woman, the lifestyle. Whoa semicolon? I know, it just felt right. I went with it.

2. I think all bloggers would give this quote by Scott Belsky a big AMEN, BRO. Found on swissmiss.

3. Having watermelon usually marks the beginning of summer summer summertime (said like the hook in Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff's Summertime). When I took this 'gram, however, it was only 55 degrees... wtf May in Colorado?

4. The Hipster Hunt. One woman on a mission to define the elusive hipster.

5. Alright people of Colorado, there's a super magical place in Denver called Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. They have some crazy awesome tours, yo... add great friends? Perfect.

6. When I heard there were ipad covers designed by super cool contemporary artist Rex Ray, my reaction was: whaaaaaa! and then I pinned them.

7. Until recently macarons were just these delicious French creations only enjoyed on my occasional visits to L.A. Well not anymore! Remember this post? Well the macaron has arrived in Denver.

8. This work by David Hockney, Rainy Night on Bridlington Promenade, could totally come live at my house if it wanted.

9. It's been so rainy here in Denver lately. Which is such a rarity, I don't even own a good quality umbrella. Which means when I was out in the elements on Friday night, my cheap umbrella was on the verge of turning inside out due to a light breeze. Lesson? Buy a nice umbrella... like this one. Felix Ray Vintage Dot Umbrella.

Let's Do This

Today is the day. For what, you ask? Inspiration, motivation, and the like. First up, I'll be watching the livestream of the Lucky FABB conference from the comfort of my l'office (loft office). You may be wondering why I, an art blogger and not-too-fashionable lady, would be watching a conference for fashion and beauty bloggers. Well, friends, bloggin' is bloggin' and I'm always looking for an inspirational nudge, a push, a shove, an aha moment that reassures me that I can succeed doing this blogging thang. Do you guys ever feel unsure of your blogging destiny?

I loooove this little blog, I can't imagine not doing it. And lately I've been thinking that the MOST important thing for any blog is an honest and genuine voice... and you know, awesome images, gotta be cute. But in the name of keepin' it real, I can't wait to hear Lucky FABB's panel "Stay True to Your Voice."

THEN, another rad Alt Summit class at 3pm all about turning your blog into a brand and a business with the amazing Erin Hiemstra. How amazing are these Alt classes! $15, one hour, incredible advice, really can't beat that. I'll admit I'm addicted to them, and I'm ok with it. In fact, I encourage you to become addicted too. They're amazing.

So let's do this... hopefully I'll have some inspirational gems to share with you later this week! Happy Monday!

Today Print by the awesome Etsy shop Vapor.Qualquer