Taking a vacation is like pushing a reset button. I definitely feel re-energized after (and during) a vacation... it's like I need that time and space to gather my thoughts, reflect on whatever is happening that month, and LET GO of worries and stress. I tend to schedule a trip every few months it seems, even if it's just to a little town in the mountains for the weekend. Some like retail therapy, I prefer travel therapy.

This time, the destination was a little place called New Mexico. I highly recommend visiting in the fall, it's pretty magical. Of course my favorite vacay activity was recording random moments with my Super8 app... if anything, just to capture my and Kevin's awesome dance moves.

filming + editing: artsocial music: Trap Door (Instrumental) by Jake One (purchased from iTunes)


Happy Friday, friends. I'm off to New Mexico for the weekend + alllll of next week - double woot!

This little trip is full of woots, really. First, I get to road trip down to New Mexico with my favorite person ever (Kevin, the boyfriend, the roomie, the boomie). Then on Saturday, I'm going to what could be the BEST wedding ever... the couple getting married is def the best anyways. And then. The icing on this already wonderful weekend cake - I'll get to   r e l a x   for a whole week. I'm so incredibly grateful for this break.

I'll miss you, dear readers. But I'll be sending you happy weekend thoughts... and tweets... and instagrams... and I also set up some incredibly rad guest posters for you to enjoy next week, so don't miss that awesome train.

G'bye for now! xo!

Image one | two (Lauren Hutton, 1966)