The Other Emerald City

Ever been to that place that frequently has you a. spinning in circles like a lunatic exclaiming THIS! (as if that explains something specific) or b. makes you excited about running ten miles in the rain? Do you live there now? Oregon is this place for me. Love at first glimpse of ferns growing from tree branches. The husband and I recently forayed back to the 541 to see some fantastic and hospitable (hi Lindsay) old friends, eat a lot of breakfast, run in the rain and spend a few hours on the coast at the inn where we got hitched. Yes, that is a rainbow. No, I did not see a unicorn.

DuneBug Designs

Sure, I had pets growing up but I was never an animal fanatic. No hours drawing ponies or bows tied to kittens. I never gave much serious thought to pets until we recently adopted a black lab shark disguised as a puppy. I still think it's gross when people let their dogs lick public water fountains but I am officially a dog person. I even get up early 3 times a week to take the pup for a run. And the real reason you can't find me on Instagram? I have six thousand photos of Jupiter on my phone.

Leave it to the lovely Lauren Suveges of DuneBug Designs to channel this puppy love into a work of art. Lauren creates custom block prints based on photographs of your pet - her muse is the adorable and amusing cat Dune but if you dream it, she'll print it. She's just that kind of talented gal.

Above: Images via DuneBug Designs


Bear vs Shark

The age old debate - bear vs shark - who wins? I've always voted shark. My husband on the other hand is a resolute grizzly enthusiast. Be that as it may, I'm pretty sure absolutely no bear (not even the one from the movie Grizzly that my little brother rented thinking it was The Bear) stands a chance against this shark. If you're not familiar with Michael Salter's work you are seriously missing out. The uncontested king of the styrobots is showing this mind boggling brilliant shark (the full version) at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon as of Friday, January 20. Check it Oregon kids!

Above: 1/2 A.N.D.Y. in the elevator © Michael Salter