I was pretty sti-zoked (really stoked) when I saw artsocial was included in the series Mondays are for Lovers over on the Passionfruit blog. Their description of artsocial is the best, possibly even better than the one on my about page: "...get ready to be introduced to some new art without feeling like you have to ‘get it’. Still feeling nervous? Start off with Erin’s Art Drank series and mix up some social lubricant with one her cocktail recipes!"

It's true gang. This blog is more like a gallery opening than an art history seminar. There's art, but there's also conversation and drinks... and sometimes snacks... but mostly drinks.

I'm curious, what are some of your favorite posts/topics I've covered on the blog? It would make me sti-zoked (again) to hear your faves!

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Like a Boss: Passionfruit Ads

I am so crazy excited about this blog. Excited about a BLOG?? you say? Yep. Sure am. Watching it grow over the last few months is the best feeling in all the land. This excitement mixed with my impatience and go-getterness resulted in deciding it's time to try sponsorship and button swaps. I'm so grateful for the support and response that's resulted... it has caused me to do several spontaneous happy dances.

I started off taking the DIY approach to selling ads and swapping buttons. Holy crazytown, that only lasted one month. I noticed a few fab bloggers, like this one, use something rather magical called Passionfruit Ads. Guys. It's so awesome. You have control over all the details (ad size, price, description) and they keep everything niiiice and organized. They even send out those awkward emails for you. You know the ones... like when an ad is expiring and it's time to renew or, even worse, when an ad isn't in line with your brand and you have to say nooo. Saying no only takes one clickety-click of the mouse. No more awkward emails. If you're like me and hate sending bad news emails, that's a big plus. Passionfruit is like your ad middleman/bouncer/collector of your dolla billz. They've got your back (and your blog). Ohhhh and you can see how many views and clicks your ads get... I'm completely obsessed with watching these stats. It's unhealthy really.

When I got an email alerting me that Passionfruit - the very ad app I was newly obsessed with - wanted to reserve the Boss ad space on artsocial, my exact thoughts were: Whaaaaaaa! Efff yeeeah!! I keep things pretty professional 'round these parts. Did you see their seriously GANGSTER ad? Oh yeah, these guys are pretty Boss. They deserve that spot.

Check 'em out, bloggy friends. They come highly recommended by this girl.

Image by artsocial.