The Art of a Freckled Face

Nothin' wrong with freckles, dear readers. But I've always had a freckly face so I might be biased. Remember those makeup infomercials that claimed their product could cover up freckles? Nonsense! Freckles are awesome spots and these freckled things prove just how rad they can be.

Seeds, freckles - meh they're the same really. Strawberry by Piper's Place.

Freckled girl with glasses. By Pretty Little Thieves.

Whoa. Umm too much. By Pretty Little Thieves.

Freckled doggies. By Pininkie.

Freckly arms & legs. Found here.

Freckled puppy face. Found here.

Candy freckles. By Chloe Waddell.

Freckled heart. Found here.

Some say sprinkles, I say freckles! Found here.

Freckled pears. Found here.


I've used the word freckle so much in this post, it no longer makes sense... Ok last time, here are my freckles at age 6: