portland-bound Traveling is one of my very favorite things. I'm always planning my next adventure. In fact, I planned this trip way back in July! I am super excited to explore Portland. I've never been there before. I'm told I'll love it... and I bet Portlandia will be even funnier after visiting.

But the main reason I'm going is because one of my very favorite people in the world lives there. I cannot wait to mix some drinks and have many, many dance parties. I think I'm finally going to perfect my dougie...

But I must know! Where should I go while I'm in Portland? Restaurants, shops, drinkeries - I'd love your tips + recommendations!

Wait - would you want to come to Portland with me? You totally should. Oh okay, if you can't there's always instagram :) see ya soon, friends.

Image by Victor Blackman found here.

Holidazzled by... Holly Stalder

Above: The Art History Dress by Holly Stalder

Having shuffled the big pink body bag that contains my wedding dress from closet to closet over the last two years, I've begun to think about a dress do-over. This confection from Portland's Holly Stalder tops my fantasy list. Not that it's any more portable but... look! I mean, if I had a spare grand, I would probably buy it just for art's sake. My advice, ladies - go Etsy with your gown!