Would You Printstagram?

Heck yeah I would! I'm a big Instagram fan. I mean it's so easy to take a gorgeous photo (if someone's photo doesn't look good on Instagram, that person is just not trying). I love it because everyone has the same exact tools to create something amazing. It's a level playing field. No BFA in photography needed - although surely that helps - no expensive equipment, no film, just you and the app at hand. And then the sharing, oh the sharing. It's so much fun to be able to say, "hey world, look at this awesome photo of my oatmeal!" Ok I don't know why that's so fun exactly... except for the fact that we all want to connect... and what better way to connect than with awesome, vintage-y looking photos?

But would you print your Instagrams? There are so many great ways to make your 'grams tangible: minibooks, stickers, magnets, pillows! Are things coming full circle? After freely snapping digital photos, uploading them to our computers, and sharing them with our friends on Facebook, do we finally want the real thing again? A print to hold in our hands, a poster to put on our walls, a magnet that proudly says "My Oatmeal!" to hang on the fridge... maybe.

Honestly, I can't wait to order some of these gems from Printstagram. I mean, how cute is that tiny book??

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All images via Printstagram