song of spring after the rain

island rhythm

Line, texture, fields of color, spatial relationships. Oh I love a good Ab Ex-inspired painting.

Lana says she's influenced by Abstract Expressionist painters like Robert Motherwell, Franz Kline, and Mark Rothko. She even lays her canvas on a flat surface to work! Very Jackson Pollock... but way cooler because she uses a contemporary palette to die for.

Art. Crush. Which one is your favorite?

Song of Spring | After the Rain | Island Rhythm

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imaginary friends by naomi vona Naomi emailed me a few weeks ago introducing me to her work. Guys. INSTANT CRUSH. I'm a sucker for collage. I'm tellin' ya, collage is in right now...

smokey eyes by naomi vona

Naomi is an Italian artist who lives in Dublin, Ireland. She creates new interpretations of vintage photos using pens, paper, colored tape, and stickers.

a forest by naomi vona

I love the juxtaposition (yay art history jargon!) of the drab & dingy vintage photos with such bright bold colors. The bursts of color add so much life to the photos, don't you think? Plus, the way Naomi applies these colorful additions gives each photo a whole new abstract story. The original photo is completely transformed and made anew.

gentlemen by naomi vona

What do you think? Do you have an art crush on Naomi's collages, too? So awesome, right?

Imaginary Friends | Smokey Eyes | A Forest | Gentlemen

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