Tanya Geisler, site design by artsocial Working with Tanya Geisler is an absolute dream. I say “is” because we still work together on the regular. When she first contacted me in 2013 she was looking for someone to help with the graphics on her site here and there. Over the next several months, that expanded into helping with her newsletter headers, creating graphics for her programs, and then – da-na-na-naaa – doing a full website redesign. Oh how sweet a good collaboration is…

For her new website, we wanted something clean, organized, and easy to navigate, with fun images and her gorgeous color palette incorporated throughout. We kept the logo simple - with a type treatment logo - as her content is the clear star of the show.

I'm beyond thrilled I got to work on Tanya's site. It's truly rewarding to help a client design a space for their business that feels right and reflects their style - while also being easy to navigate and, ya know, irresistibly beautiful :)

Check out the full site here!

Thinking about a brand new look for the brand new year? Leave a comment below or contact me here! 2015 is gonna be BIG. I can feel it.