Happy Monday, friends! I hope you're all looking at a short work week as we approach Thanksgiving aka stuffing & mashed potato day. Is there anything better than stuffing and mashed potatoes? I'm actually not a big turkey fan (shhh), so I live for the sides... I started thinking about some of my favorite things about Thanksgiving... here's what I found:

1. Ready. Set. Eat. These are probably the best (and most honest/accurate) Thanksgiving invitations ever. Love.

2. SO. I'm really not a great cook... not even a good cook... ok not a cook at all. I can make oatmeal and bagels. That's about the extent of my kitchen skillz. BUT for Thanksgiving, I've always been asked to bring something. When I was younger, I was in charge of rolls... but now, now I'm in charge of green bean casserole. That's right. I'm moving up. Maybe if I had this uh-mazing green dress and green kitchen, I'd cook more... no? (Photographed by Ditte Isager)

3. I love Thanksgiving because it gives me an excuse to reflect and think about all the things I'm grateful for, all the joyous and the maybe not-so-joyous things that are happening in my life. I basically do this on the daily, but it feels like you have to do it on Thanksgiving. This tattoo is the jam.

4. This is the most awesome Thanksgiving-related art print ever... fact. 24K Gold Wishbone by Gilded Mint.

5. I love stuffing, did I mention that already? I could really eat stuffing all year round... hmm why don't I?

6. Such a great photo, yes? It perfectly captures the essence of Thanksgiving... the autumn colors and fancy clothes, the feeling of togetherness and love. Perfect. It just needs a plate of stuffing.

7. Another adorbs Thanksgiving card. Salmon pink and light blue really go well together... just like stuffing and mashed potatoes.


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Puppies Dressed like Thanksgiving Dinner


Last Thanksgiving we brought our puppy home. Sadly, I can't for the life of me find that amazing Conan O'Brien clip with... you betcha, puppies dressed like Thanksgiving dinner. The pilgrims up there will have to hold down the fort.

I won't clutter up too much of your food real estate here with calorie free words but here's a simple toast from ours to yours: may you find art in your every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Etsy Denver: Thanksgiving

For this edition of Etsy Denver, I mined local shops for everything Thanksgiving-y... creative napkins, pie servers, invitations, cards, etc. Oh and I threw in some mucho yummy images of pumpkin desserts from TasteSpotting. Cuz what's Thanksgiving without a pumpkin dish (and if we're forced to eat pumpkin, it bess be delicious).

In the Kitchen Doing Dishes by Ephemera Obscura Thanksgiving Feast Invitation by Stewart Design Studios Dinner Invitation, Gobble On by A Lil Bitta Everything Acorn Place Card by Queen Bee Inspirations Blue Bow Tie Napkin by Urban Bird and Co Robot Dinner Napkins by Cyanide Stitches Hand-stamped pie servers by Vintage Garden Art Thank You For Not card by Neat Things Give Thanks window decal by Saxxon Pumpkin desserts from TasteSpotting

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!