cheers Hi, friends! I feel like I haven't checked in with ya in FOREVER. I've been designing my buns off, yo. I've been putting A LOT of energy into growing the graphic design part of my business. Maybe all of my energy. In fact, towards the end of the summer I took a step back from all of my collaborations. Blog sponsorships, collabs with friends, everything. I wanted to launch these services and nothin' was gonna stop me, ya hear!

Now that everything has officially launched - woot woot! - I'm able to take a step back and take a breath. Phew. I've also been able to reserve a little bit of energy for collaborations. Cuz I love a good collab. Working with people I love and contributing to something I truly believe in is one of the major reasons I started doing this blog thang to begin with. If a project is awesome and exciting, I always want to have enough energy (and time) to say YES.

That said, I recently started doing a little collabin'. I'm so thrilled to be featured on Starr Struck earlier this week. Mary Catherine Starr is an amazing artist and blogger, y'all. Plus she had some great questions for me :) check out the interview here!

Next, I'm SO honored to be over on The Artful Desperado today. Gab is truly one of my favorite bloggers out there. So pop over to his blog for a visit and check out my latest art crush, k? Oh it's a goodie. I definitely put on my art history hat for this one... check it.

Aaand. Last but not least. I'm participating in a crazy awesome project with Isn't everything the gals do crazy awesome? I love them. Anyhoo, stay tuned for more deets about this project. All I can say right now is they sent me a box FULL of goodies. Dudes. There was a mini disco ball. I mean, come on.

Cheers to working together to create amazing things. And big hugs to everyone I work with through blogging and designing. Without you I'd be one sad little worker bee.

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