chomp Wow, friends, holidazzle 2012 is almost over! Only 2 days left. I want to send out a huuuge thank you to all of the shops that participated this year... it was the best holidazzle yet thanks to you guys. AND I wanted to remind all of you uh-mazing readers of a few deals that are still happening:


Get 20% off's entire site with the code "feelpretty" through the end of the month.

Get 15% off art at Ugallery with the code "artsocial15" until December 21st.


Catch up on all of the holidazzle 2012 shops right here or see all the goodies on pinterest!


Buying artwork can be super overwhelming... especially if you're buying it for someone else. The best place to start? Think about what else the giftee is into. What's their favorite movie? What's the color of their bedspread? What are they pinning and instagramming? What's their style - vintage or contemporary? After you get a few clues, it's time to play art matchmaker... Ugallery breaks their collection down into very manageable categories - medium, style, color, size, they even have a decor guide if you have a specific room in mind. Oh and they have a "view on the wall" feature that allows you to visualize the artwork in a real space. So. Cool.

Even cooler? They're offering 15% off to all of you awesome readers with the code artsocial15 until December 21st!! Hurry and get that art for the holidays, friends.

Here are some of my Ugallery favorites I'd love to gift this year (to myself).


1. Valerie Chiang, Marilyn, 2011. 2. Ely Key, View From the Chevy, 2009. 3. Ansen Seale, Moving On, 1988 4. David Arnoux, Carnival, #5, 2010 5. Valerie Chiang, Short-Winded Elations, 2010


P.S. remember: when in doubt, there are always gift cards.

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Guess what? No guess... ok, I'll tell you. I'm guest pinning for Ugallery this week - woot! I'm pretty stoked to curate some of my favorite finds on Ugallery's Be Art Guest board... does this mean I'm one step closer to being a professional pinner? I sure hope so.

Follow along with my adventures over here. I'll be pinning my arty faves through November 26th.

P.S. Ugallery is one suh-weet online art gallery based in the Mission, SF... check 'em out, yo.

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