summer wishlist June is one of my very favorite months. Everything smells amazing. (I mean, lilacs and russian olive trees?? Ooh, I say.) The skies are extra dreamy. And almost every activity takes place outside. Preferably with cold beverages...

Here are just a few things from my summertime wishlist. Cuz what better way to celebrate warmer temps than with a watermelon tank, Warby aviators, and a too cold to hold drink sleeve?? Plus an absolutely gorgeous photo by Max Wanger that I'm hoping will help me hang onto this summer feeling all year round...

01 tank 02 sunglasses 03 drink sleeve 04 photo

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spring-forward-wishlist The weather has been gorgeous lately. It has me dreaming of warmer temps! While we surely have a few more snow storms in our future, it's never too early to start putting together a warm weather wishlist...

How cute are those citrus flats! Pair them with a neon scalloped skirt (for maximum cuteness) and a matte black heart (for a little edge) and I'd say you're ready for spring, homegirl.

01 sunglasses 02 white tee 03 mini heart 04 coin purse 05 d'orsay flats 06 neon skirt

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wpclasstrip Guys, I think Denver's getting cooler. Like, waaay cooler. My proof (and the only proof I need)? The Warby Parker bus came to Denver and hung out for 3 whole weeks!

They're touring the U.S. in a refurbished school bus made to look like a professor’s library, complete with leather sofas, wood paneling, vintage books, and a way cute selection Warby Parker frames. Oh and a photo booth! Whaaat. You know I love that.

warby parker class trip

I had such a blast visiting the Warby Parker crew last week. It makes me so proud of Denver. Big things are happening around these parts... and I finally got a cute pair of glasses, I've been wanting a pair ever since the coolest lady I know introduced me to them a couple years ago.

Their class trip isn't over yet. If they happen to be in your town, go say hi... and maybe get some Baxter frames, too, so we can be twinsies!

Images by artsocial.