Even though I majored in art history in college, I still had to take a series of studio art classes. One of them being an advanced painting class. I was totally confident going in. I rocked figure drawing, how hard could mastering oil painting be? Welp. A little hard. The class was taught by this guy, kind of a big deal around these parts. Quick aside, one of our assignments was to paint a "portrait of a space." So what did I paint? Starbucks. My Starbucks. The one I always studied in... oh so meaningful. Apparently arty people don't appreciate a good portrait of Starbucks. I got my lowest grade in all of college on that painting... but that's for another post (or never). The thing I remember most about this class - other than my under-appreciated portrait of Starbucks - was learning about artist Wayne Thiebaud. His paintings and drawings of cakes, pies, candy, and other treats, are some of my faaaavorite artworks to look at... and slightly drool over.

He truly captures the delight of a bakery counter in the '60s. For some reason the bakery counter at Safeway just isn't as fun. Oh the suburbs... Thiebaud's subject matter is often richly painted or drawn, isolated against a stark background, and then repeated... resulting in compositional and visual awesomeness.

Mmmm Thiebaud. Images found here and here.