bando bando


So must've known my birthday's coming up, cuz they just came out with all kinds of new cuteness!!

Their new collection is all about FUN and I couldn't be more on board. Remember my goals for 2014? Learn more and HAVE MORE FUN. Guys! Coincidence? Needless to say is speakin' my language this year... and every year. I heart them.

I always seem to subconsciously pick one accessory to wear everywhere. Lately it's this. But with my birthday around the corner, maybe it's time for some new flair. By "maybe" I mean "definitely."

These are my faves in case you want to get me a prezzie... I also like ice cream cake.

It Girl Bobbis | Mermaid + Cream Twist Scarf | Girl Bands

Check out the rest of the collection here!

Images by Max Wanger