like-a-boss You know what I love about blogging? SO many things, but one is meeting incredibly awesome creative people who are pursuing their dreams and living their truths! I was recently contacted by Glyfyx, a creative salon based in San Francisco with a love for the alphabet. They've turned this luurve into a whole line of games and products... I love it when people follow their passions and turn them into something BIGGER. Live all in, friends. You never know where your passion will take you.

Glyfyx has a special deal for all of you artsosh readers. They're offering $5 off Bitblox through thru January 31st with the code ARTSOCIAL13!! Check 'em out.

bitblox bitblox Bitblox

P.S. love their description of these alphabet blocks for the digital age: "Bitblox are a celebration of pixels — those eensy data dots that have brought meaning and joy to our lives since the sun-dappled days of Pong."


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