whimsical balloons by laura ruth Oh hello, friends. Things are heatin' up with Eat Drink Create right around the corner! The artsocial headquarters is a wonderful mess of balloons, goodie bag treasures, and name tag assembly lines. This event is going to be off the heezy! And I only bust out that phrase when I reeeeally mean it.

So while I don't have June's Project Brown Bag recap for ya quite yet, the PBB train must roll on. Louise of Laid Off Mom is hosting the final round of PBB - psst and there's a twist!! So head on over to Laid Off Mom for the deets and to sign up to be a contributor!

It's only the best collaborative art project around. No big deal.

Image: Whimsical Balloons by Laura Ruth.


ice cream by denise fiedler I think I have spring and summer fever. Denise Fiedler's collages capture that easygoing charm of summertime so perfectly. Art. Crush. Read all about my crush over on the UncommonGoods blog!

Happy weekend, friend! It's only gonna be in the 60s here this weekend... but that's warm enough for ice cream, right? I seriously can't wait for ice cream weather...

This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods. All opinions + crushes are my own. See more from Denise in the Uncommon Artist Gallery and read more about the work featured above, Ice Cream.


cafe society Miniatures fascinate me. Maybe it's because I watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids a lot when I was little... we'll never know, but I do know this: I'm seriously in love with Audrey Heller's photographs.

Read more about my new art crush over on the UncommonGoods blog today! Aannd see more crush-worthy artwork in their Uncommon Artist Gallery.

Happy weekend to youuu!

Image: Cafe Society.

This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods. All opinions + crushes are my own.


Today, the holidazzle gift guide brings you some seriously gorgeous ceramic pieces by Romi Ceramics...

I've always pictured my "grown-up" house being full of beautiful ceramic works and nicely potted plants. Hmm since I'm 26, it might be time to start accomplishing that goal, huh?

These pieces remind me how much beauty can be in the details... and that art can be anywhere, even on the kitchen table. How cute are these salt and pepper shakers??


image 1 + 2: spinners | image 3 + 4: paper bag planters | image 5: salt and pepper shakers

Find Romi Ceramics on Etsy, Facebook, and maybe even a store near you, check it out!


Dudes. Awesome art is everywhere. It's not just about traditional drawings, paintings, and sculpture. Those 19th century European academies can't tell us what's art anymore! Whoa sorry, art history grad student moment.

1. Ceramic paper airplane. Gah I love contemporary art and design... and it's from Target! Hey, I'm no art snob. I'm all about accessibility... and if it's clever and well-designed, I'm sold.

2. Oh how I love big tapestries as an alternative to paintings on the wall. I have a big wall to fill in my bedroom, so this atlas tapestry is callin' my name...

3. This colorful geometric mobile is the perfect little arty accent for any room... srsly, any room. I'd even put it in the bathroom.

4. So you may be thinking, wiener dog dish is so not art. Well I disagree. With form and function coming together in one little sculpture, it reminds me of an Eva Zeisel... but, ya know, a hipster version since it's from Urban Outfitters and it's a wiener dog.

5. This Painted Flower Blazer from Topshop is straight from the Dutch golden age of painting... I bet Rachel Ruysch totally would've rocked it.

6. This hand painted silk top from xsilk is so gorgeous... I think I've pinned from xsilk no less than a bajillion times. This shirt is truly a work of art. I can't decide if I should wear it or simply hang it on the wall to enjoy.

7. How excited was I when I found out I could buy awesome goods with Rex Ray's designs on them? Um VERY. He's kind of a big deal. My fridge is gonna be the coolest fridge in town with this Rex Ray magnet.


Psst – this is a collaborative series with bedsidesign, check out what she’s IN LOVE with this week…!

See our pins for the IN LOVE series on pinterest.



You know that feeling when you come across something you instantly love? That's what happened when I saw Hilary Emerson Lay's artwork.

Her creative incorporation of text and images makes me think mixed media is the best media... yup it definitely is. Read more about her creative process here.

Arty folks can get a little wah-wahh and take themselves too seriously. That's why I love an artist with a sense of humor, an artist who really has fun creating. I think that comes across in Hilary's work... hat tip to you, you bad mamajama. Keep havin' fun.

Everyone needs a party pig card... FACT.

See more art goodies by Hilary over at her Etsy shop... you'll find something you love, I just know it.

Thinking BIG

Soo lately I've been thinking about dream jobs. You know the kind of job you daydream about at your current job? Yep. That's the one.

I didn't have a dream job until 5 months ago. Crazy, right?? I mean, when I was little I thought I wanted to be a vet until I found out I faint at the sight of blood. Not even kidding. My dog got in a fight, his ear was bleeding, I toppled right over into a pile of firewood.

Anyhoo... Other than my short-lived dreams of being a vet, I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. All throughout high school and college, any career-related questions gave me severe anxiety. By the end of college and during grad school I knew I wanted to be in the art world in some capacity... but that's it.

Thanks to starting this little blogging adventure 7 months ago, I've finally figured it out. If I could really do anything, my dream would be to travel around the world attending incredible art events and blogging about the whole experience... and in the process pin and instagram up a storm.

Now. How to get paid for such a dream job... that's the tricky part. I'm sure gonna try my best to make it happen.

What's your dream job? If you could really do anything, what would you do?

Image found here

What's Goin' Down

Oh hai, trip to New York. You're sure sneaking up quickly... What have I done to prepare? Umm... I bought a new dress. Yikes, I need to start researching a bit, eh? There's so much art to see and I'll only be there for a couple days... Reading this article about the 10 most inspiring young artists in NYC right now, made me just a tad excited to go check out the scene.

Here's part of my NY to-do wishlist. I doubt I'll get to do everything, but srsly it's ok. I'll be in NY. That's enough.

Brooklyn Museum: Keith Haring: 1978-1982

Can it get more New York than a Keith Haring show? I think not. Oh and in honor of this exhibition, the Keith Haring Foundation is posting Haring's journals to Tumblr. One page each day for the duration of the show. So. Awesome.


Gagosian Gallery: Richard Avedon

According to The New York Times, Richard Avedon's fashion and portrait photographs helped define America's image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century. Kind of a big deal? I'm gonna say yesss.


James Cohan Gallery: Everyday Abstract – Abstract Everyday

Who doesn't love abstract art? Ok actually a lot of people. It's usually weird, I get that. But that's kind of what I like about it. Hear me out... no matter how weird the work is, there's always a story behind it, a tangle of personal, societal, and/or political references that make even the most ridiculous pile of contemporary art relevant in the history of art. Ok enough arty talk.

image cred: pattern | nyc

Setting the Mood: NYC

New York City. Is there any place like it? Nope. Sure isn't. I'm so excited to go back for a visit next month! Just think, the art, the food, the cosmopolitans! Oh you know I'll have to have a cosmo Sex and the City style... It would be a crime not to. A crime against women or SATC lovers or something.

I haven't been to New York in 6 years! Wowza, an overdue trip for an art history grad, eh? Now I have a month to plan some effortlessly chic outfits for gallery hopping and art viewing. I especially need something awesome for this fab event with my very favorite little artist Allie Pohl. Time to get shoppin'.

Can't wait to get some New York into my life. What are some of your favorite places to go to in New York? I'd love to hear!

Image cred: Cosmos & New York images | Dream Big | Line poster | Polka dot shorts | Striped skirt | Dress | Polka dot pants

The Art Date

There's nothing like a lazy afternoon spent wandering through town, happy hour patio-drinking, and gallery hopping... This weekend I'd love to go to these 3 places, and by "I'd love to" I mean "I will" and by "I" I mean "myself and the boyfriend." Oh he might try to negotiate out of this, but that's where the patio-drinking comes in handy. Who can say no to drinking outside on a nice day? Answer: no one.

The Art Date, Stop 1:

Untitled at the Denver Art Museum, April 27, 6pm. Scavenger hunt in the museum? I can scavenge. Sign me up.

The Art Date, Stop 2:

Ice Cube Gallery, Marius Lehene and Ray Tomasso, Opening Reception, April 27, 6 - 9pm. Spend an evening with three-dimensional works about the construction of identity and crazy colorful sculptures? Okee.

The Art Date, Stop 3:

The New CPAC (Colorado Photographic Arts Center), Punk Passage: California and Beyond + Mining Denver’s Rock Photography, March 29 – May 12, 2012. You know how I feel about punk rock and art colliding. I'm there.

For more arty happenings in Denver, check out the Denver Art Guide!

Images found here and here