Pink Prints and Party Sips

The decorating I mentioned yesterday is underway, my friends. Prints are being purchased and photos are being framed. Just when I thought I was on a roll, I walked into my dining nook (not quite its own room, thus a nook - and the most awkward of spaces to decorate). I ask you, what kind of art goes in a dining nook? I think the only logical answer is: FOOD. Or maybe this.

So that's my plan. I'm on a mission to find the best food-related prints for my dining nook... and guess what? I'll be sharing each find with you! Along with a link to a delicious recipe related to that week's find. Woot!

This week's pick: Pink Grapefruit Poster by Raw Art Letterpress AND Grapefruit Margarita via LA Times. Every dining nook needs a good margarita.

Check out my casa wishlist over on Pinterest!


No, I don't mean nicknack. Nacnic is an Etsy shop oozing with awesomeness and vintage style prints I need for my apartment. There's something about printing on old book pages that makes a print so... what? Sophisticated? Layered with meaning? I don't know, but it looks cooool.

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