Tanya Geisler, site design by artsocial Working with Tanya Geisler is an absolute dream. I say “is” because we still work together on the regular. When she first contacted me in 2013 she was looking for someone to help with the graphics on her site here and there. Over the next several months, that expanded into helping with her newsletter headers, creating graphics for her programs, and then – da-na-na-naaa – doing a full website redesign. Oh how sweet a good collaboration is…

For her new website, we wanted something clean, organized, and easy to navigate, with fun images and her gorgeous color palette incorporated throughout. We kept the logo simple - with a type treatment logo - as her content is the clear star of the show.

I'm beyond thrilled I got to work on Tanya's site. It's truly rewarding to help a client design a space for their business that feels right and reflects their style - while also being easy to navigate and, ya know, irresistibly beautiful :)

Check out the full site here!

Thinking about a brand new look for the brand new year? Leave a comment below or contact me here! 2015 is gonna be BIG. I can feel it.


podcast cover by artsocialpodcast cover by artsocialSome of the best and most rewarding design projects are those that allow me to reeaally get to know a brand. I’ve been working with Tiffany Han on her graphics since 2013 and it’s been pure magic.

Most recently, I helped design a cover for her new podcast, Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. It's a weekly podcast about the creative adventures of (extra)ordinary people. After listening to the first episode with Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind (omg!), I was hooked.

Each episode is such an open and honest discussion about creativity. It's refreshing and inspiring... plus my favorite topic EVER is how creative peeps overcome their fears and make a career for themselves, on their own terms, doing what they love. Isn't that just the best??

For the photo, we wanted something fun, lighthearted, and creative (of course!). I snapped a few shots in my studio of various props. The gold dino with sequins quickly stood out as a winner - because what's more fun, lighthearted, and creative than that?? Nothing.

For the text, I really wanted it to be fun and personal - just like the interviews. For the main title, we stuck with Tiffany's current font to keep her branding consistent. But then we threw in some custom handwriting, Tiffany's handwriting to be exact! She sent over scans of her writing, which I then digitized in illustrator. SO much fun, you guys. I think it adds the perfect finishing touch.

I'm beyond thrilled I got to work on Tiffany's podcast. What a fun project! And P.S. it's currently on iTunes' list of new & noteworthy podcasts! WHAT. Congrats, Tiffany! :)


Tiffany Han So excited to share some of my studio work with you today!

When one of my favorite people in all the land, Tiffany Han, came to me with a new + exciting side project - a personal blog dedicated to her growing family - I was on board so fast. Like whoa. She described it as "a different kind of love story, a different kind of parenting story, a different kind of woman-living-independently-with-strength-in-this-crazy-world story..." Right?? I KNEW this was a project I needed to be a part of.

I'm so happy I could contribute to such a beautiful and honest corner of the internet. I can tell it's going to inspire my face off and make me wanna start a family of my own. I mean how beautiful and perfect is her first post about becoming a mother??

Tiffany, thank you for trusting me with your new blog. I'm so excited to follow along :)

Here's a peek at her style guide and what we worked on:

A Different Kind of Story


+ logo design + style guide + custom font family + custom color palette + site template customization

Check out A Different Kind of Story here!

Interested in a new logo or brand refresh? I have a couple spots open for August. Holla at ya girl!

Photo by Tiffany Schoepp.



I spend quite a bit of time these days searching for fun font combinations. The right fonts for my clients' banners, their new programs, their e-books, their blog posts, my blog posts! I'm always on the lookout for goooood fonts. And you totally know them when you see them. When a font works, it works. Much like true love...

I'm so excited to share some of my favorite font combos in this new blog series, Tasty Type! First up, playfair display & raleway. Oh and both of them are freeee. Double yay. Enjoy, friends!

COTTON // Playfair Display (italic) via Font Squirrel

CANDY // Raleway (medium) via Font Squirrel

Graphic by artsocial.


artsocial-studio Since leaving my "real" job last November, I feel like I've been in figuring it all out mode. That can be a stressful mode, y'all. Lots of doubt and questions and what ifs. But there's also something really great about that mode... if you follow your instincts, it will ALWAYS lead you to the right thing. Promise.

Ever since I started working for Tiffany Han as her blog manager - designing graphics for her blog, banners for her new programs, and doing the occasional glitter photo shoot (obvi) - I found myself thinking: Omigosh this is freaking awesome. Could I do this full-time? For a living??

My answer: hells to the yeah! I'm SO excited to announce I'm officially offering graphic design services. If you're a small business owner or blogger looking for a graphic designer to help with your biz - on projects big and small - well here I am! Let's get started. It'll be like having your very own graphic designer on staff... awesome, right?

So take a look-see at my new work with me page and portfolio... then contact me asap, k? Because my services often turn into ongoing / long-term projects, I only have a couple spots open!

Hooray for new adventures, eh?

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Image by artsocial.