photo by Yann Faucher One of the BEST things about being Tiffany Han's blog manager is getting to chat with her on the phone. Every time we hang up I feel so effing inspired and ready to kick some ASS.

The other day we started talking about alter egos. I had been watching a Beyoncé documentary (obvi) and was telling her how much I'd love an alter ego like Beyoncé's Sasha Fierce (again, obvi). There's something so liberating about adopting an alter ego... it gives you permission to be fearless, strong, confident, sexy - frickin' unstoppable. No excuses. No apologies. Don't we all want that?

I think that's why I love rap music and documentaries about celebrities... and this youtube video. All of these people embrace their awesomeness and they're willing to share it with the world. They may get scared from time to time... but they still show up. They push past their fear and perform.

Maybe I need an alter ego... or maybe I just need to embrace my inner badass in those moments when I'm feeling nervous. After all, I think we're all cooler than we think... we're just too close to our own awesomeness to see it.


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Image: Caroline Schurch by Yann Faucher, found here.