Roksanda-Ilincic If you haven't already heard me say this, here it is: Sandra of Raincoast Creative Salon has the best newsletter ever. I'm intrigued and inspired by it every time, how does she do it?! It's called the Creativity Newsletter and you need it in your life.

Anyhoo, in April's newsletter Sandra wrote about Social Media Hangovers and how it's all just tooooo much sometimes. It's impossible to take everything in. AMEN SISTA!

Can you relate? I know I can. Over the past few months I've noticed myself pulling back from social media. A part of me even feels bad for doing so! I mean, as a blogger and designer shouldn't I love sharing and commenting and soaking in all the inspirational goodness out there?! All day every day?!

Well yes. But no. In moderation.

In my business, I've definitely seen the benefits of social media and I'm tremendously grateful. But as with everything in life - you have to figure out what works best for you and your creative mojo. And sometimes it's not good for my creativity and I need to take a media-cation.

So I'm joining Sandra and vowing to use social media with purpose; to think of it as a tool NOT a requirement; and - most importantly - I vow to release this pressure to post that has been bugging me lately.

Do you ever feel that way? Overwhelmed by social media, yet pressured to do so for your business? Social media is such a bully ;)

Image: Roksanda Ilincic via Harper's Bazaar

Slow Your Roll

I've had conversations with three different people over the past two days about the importance of downtime, me time, prying the iphones out of our hands and taking a breath away from the internet. Could this be the universe trying to tell me to slow down and unplug? Nahhh. Listen here, universe, I'll tell you when I've had enough internet. Totally kidding. I probably am too connected, it's all this wonderful blog's fault...

After talking with my friends and reading articles like this, I completely agree that it's important to disconnect periodically and check in with yourself. I love having time to just sit and think. Flying is the best for this - I'll totally have my headphones in while I'm on a plane, but honestly sometimes I'm not even listening to music. I just like to sit there quietly with my thoughts. Wow that makes me sound like a total loon. Oh unless I'm on Frontier in which case I'm watching whatever glorious programming Bravo has to offer. Anyhoo, the time I spend disengaged from all of the glorious distractions out there is really when new ideas start to take shape. There's something incredibly powerful that comes from being still and quiet...

However, as a blogger I feel pretty conflicted about this downtime situation... There's always something to post, tweet, 'gram, pin, and on and on it goes. Not that I'm complaining. I am in LOVE with all of it. But how do you stay on top of everything and fit in this downtime that's so essential to creativity? Clearly, the key is finding a balance and I have NOT found it yet. Hey bloggy friends, how do you do it?? You all amaze me :)

Wishing you moments of downtime today... even a whole hour or so!

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