Shoes and Views #39

This here project is rooted in pictures taken while wandering mixed with shoes I might like to have on my feet. These two seemingly disparate things actually represent one thing: making room for visual indulgence. As someone who is constantly taking, making and looking at images, it's easy to get caught in the undertow of over thinking (over braining) and assigning significance.  That said, look to Shoes and Views as a walk in the sun with a side of shoes. Speaking of which, it appears the sun is shining...

1: Giacomorelli Ballet Flats 2: October 18, 5:36 p.m. © Kate Donaldson Photo

Shoes and Views #2

Because it's Friday I'm sure you'd indulge me with a Blue Suede Shoes riff, but I'm more of a Famous Blue Raincoat girl. And I'm pretty sure I want every single pair of this newly launched line of  flats. Yes, even the leopard print. Have a fantabulous weekend all - and of course, don't forget that the Puppy Bowl is on Sunday.

1: Toms Blue Suede Ballet Flats 2: Juniper Pool © Kate Donaldson