artsocial-gift-guide Whaaa! I can't believe it's almost Christmas. We got a tree last weekend and it put me in the Christmas spirit SO fast. I think it's that tree smell... it brought back so many memories of decorating Christmas trees at my dad's house. And we got a BIG tree this time. No more tiny-I-live-in-an-apartment trees for this girl!

Anyhoo, I wanted to share one last batch of favorites from my ultimate gift guide - which I really should've called Erin's Giant Wish List, because I want e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

P.S. a motorcycle scarf?? I know. I've been watching a ton of Sons of Anarchy lately... no spoilers! I'm only on season 5. I could never pull off a motorcycle scarf, so please get it for yourself or someone you know so I can live vicariously through your badass fashion sense.

Happy final shopping days, friends!!

01 field notes 02 hat 03 motorcycle scarf 04 hey ring 05 odds and ends dish 06 water bottle 07 iphone charger 08 giant gem speaker


summer wishlist June is one of my very favorite months. Everything smells amazing. (I mean, lilacs and russian olive trees?? Ooh, I say.) The skies are extra dreamy. And almost every activity takes place outside. Preferably with cold beverages...

Here are just a few things from my summertime wishlist. Cuz what better way to celebrate warmer temps than with a watermelon tank, Warby aviators, and a too cold to hold ban.do drink sleeve?? Plus an absolutely gorgeous photo by Max Wanger that I'm hoping will help me hang onto this summer feeling all year round...

01 tank 02 sunglasses 03 drink sleeve 04 photo

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spring-forward-wishlist The weather has been gorgeous lately. It has me dreaming of warmer temps! While we surely have a few more snow storms in our future, it's never too early to start putting together a warm weather wishlist...

How cute are those citrus flats! Pair them with a neon scalloped skirt (for maximum cuteness) and a matte black ban.do heart (for a little edge) and I'd say you're ready for spring, homegirl.

01 sunglasses 02 white tee 03 ban.do mini heart 04 coin purse 05 d'orsay flats 06 neon skirt

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valentine's wishlist I luuurve this print Sweethearts by Jonathan Lewis. It's from Jonathan's series See Candy, where he takes inspiration from the colors and tones of the candy section of the supermarket. I never realized just how many colors can appear on candy packaging! Kind of amazing, right?

Wouldn't those colors make the cutest Valentine's Day outfit?? My research points to YES.

01 Sweethearts by Jonathan Lewis 02 Ban.do Mini Heart + Bestie Bobbi Set 03 crepe seam flippy dress 04 single button wool coat 05 slingback flats

IN LOVE is a series featuring all the things I’m in lurrrve with. Check out more IN LOVE posts here!


bando bando


So ban.do must've known my birthday's coming up, cuz they just came out with all kinds of new cuteness!!

Their new collection is all about FUN and I couldn't be more on board. Remember my goals for 2014? Learn more and HAVE MORE FUN. Guys! Coincidence? Needless to say ban.do is speakin' my language this year... and every year. I heart them.

I always seem to subconsciously pick one accessory to wear everywhere. Lately it's this. But with my birthday around the corner, maybe it's time for some new flair. By "maybe" I mean "definitely."

These are my faves in case you want to get me a prezzie... I also like ice cream cake.

It Girl Bobbis | Mermaid + Cream Twist Scarf | Girl Bands

Check out the rest of the collection here!

Images by Max Wanger


shine-onIt's holiday tiiiiime! And that means wearing more shiny, sparkly things is required. To be honest thought, I never go all out. I just can't commit to an all sequin dress or bright red lipstick. I know, it's chic and so holiday-like! But it's just not my style, ya know?

Each year, I like to pick a few sparkly items to integrate into my wardrobe. I'm still in love with my metallic gold ban.do pom, but that glitter headband is callin' my name... what do you think? With holiday parties coming up - and one mega party in particular, Eat Drink Create! - it's time for some extra sparkly accessories.

What's your favorite outfit or accessory to wear for the holidays?

P.S. starting on Friday I'll be sharing ALL of my favorite sparkly things + gifts for the holidays in my very first gift shop with rewardStyle!! I've collected so much cuteness, guys, I can't wait to share everything with you!

headband | skirt | ring | flats


work uniform Whenever I encounter another work-at-home rockstar like myself, I immediately have to ask: what time do YOU get up? Do you stay in pajamas way too long, too? How about showering? Does it happen before noon? Yep. That happens. Just the life of an entrepreneur doing thangs solo dolo.

Needless to say my work attire has changed quite a bit since my museum days. Now it's about comfort, warmth (my office is always arctic cold), and cuteness (obvs, there might be 'gramming opportunities). My go-to outfit usually consists of long button-ups, leggings, socks, and some ban.do flair.

P.S. since the weather officially dipped below 70 degrees, I've been a big fan of socks. You could totally get me socks for Christmas and I would LOVE it... but, ya know, cute socks with fun patterns.

Do you work from home? What's your go-to outfit?

ban.do twist scarf | studio buttondownleggings | thigh high socks


cheers Hi, friends! I feel like I haven't checked in with ya in FOREVER. I've been designing my buns off, yo. I've been putting A LOT of energy into growing the graphic design part of my business. Maybe all of my energy. In fact, towards the end of the summer I took a step back from all of my collaborations. Blog sponsorships, collabs with friends, everything. I wanted to launch these services and nothin' was gonna stop me, ya hear!

Now that everything has officially launched - woot woot! - I'm able to take a step back and take a breath. Phew. I've also been able to reserve a little bit of energy for collaborations. Cuz I love a good collab. Working with people I love and contributing to something I truly believe in is one of the major reasons I started doing this blog thang to begin with. If a project is awesome and exciting, I always want to have enough energy (and time) to say YES.

That said, I recently started doing a little collabin'. I'm so thrilled to be featured on Starr Struck earlier this week. Mary Catherine Starr is an amazing artist and blogger, y'all. Plus she had some great questions for me :) check out the interview here!

Next, I'm SO honored to be over on The Artful Desperado today. Gab is truly one of my favorite bloggers out there. So pop over to his blog for a visit and check out my latest art crush, k? Oh it's a goodie. I definitely put on my art history hat for this one... check it.

Aaand. Last but not least. I'm participating in a crazy awesome project with ban.do. Isn't everything the ban.do gals do crazy awesome? I love them. Anyhoo, stay tuned for more deets about this project. All I can say right now is they sent me a box FULL of goodies. Dudes. There was a mini disco ball. I mean, come on.

Cheers to working together to create amazing things. And big hugs to everyone I work with through blogging and designing. Without you I'd be one sad little worker bee.

Image found here.


EATDRINKCREATE You may remember hearing about a little party called Eat Drink Create... hosted by artsocial and The Proper Pinwheel at West Elm. Yeah? A few times? I'm so excited to finally share the details! Omigosh make sure you scroll down to the video Evergreen Lane Productions put together for us...! It captures the event so perfectly.


When Lexy and I first started planning this event, I really only had one goal: get awesome creative people together + have fun. Okay that's two goals... but I'm happy to say we accomplished both. High five! There are so many amazing creative people in Colorado. You all deserve more parties.


Is there anything better than mini donuts, popcorn, jarritos, and diy fringe lanterns?? Nope. I didn't think so. That's what happens when two bloggers who love sugar and colorful diys come together to plan an event... I couldn't have asked for a better co-host!


... and I definitely couldn't have asked for better guests. Holla to the amazing + talented ladies who came out that night!! Big hugs to everyone.

Can I just stop for a sec and say, Kate Donaldson takes the BEST photos... mad skillz, yo. Check out Lexy's recap for even more photo awesomeness!


We put a lot of attention into the details. Creating rad photo ops for everyone was very important to me... I take my instagrams srsly, ya hear. I had SO much fun going through the photos on the #eatdrinkcreate instagram feed!


Oh West Elm, I love you. Huge thank you to everyone at West Elm in Cherry Creek for having us! The space was perfect. The whole crew down there is uh-mazing. Not gonna lie, I was secretly shopping during the event... I mean, hanging garden? Must have.


Guys. The swag bags. Ban.do was ridiculously awesome and donated a pom pom flower for each guest!! Whaaaat. You guys know how much I love my ban.do flair, I was beyond excited. I still am.


Wait, the swag bags got even better. First, I learned that the incredibly talented Lemon Jitters was contributing hello magnets + chalkboard tags *happy dance*. THEN Consumer Crafts kicked things up a few hundred notches by donating enough craft goodies to keep everyone creating for months. Seriously. Amazing. Thank you.


If that wasn't enough awesomeness, Artifact Uprising blew us away by offering a 40 page 8.5x8.5 softcover photo book to one of our lucky guests!! I was stoked, I'm a huge fan. We randomly selected a winner... you ready? *Drum roll* congrats to Tara of Modern Maven!! Woot woot! Lexy will be in touch.

Omigosh okay, time for the video... huge thank you to Annabelle Mintz of Evergreen Lane Productions for creating this video for us! She's so talented, I can't stand it.

Offline events, getting together in person, chillin' IRL? That's the good stuff. The next Eat Drink Create is in the works, friends. I can't wait!!

HUGE thank you to everyone who made this awesome party possible! Srsly, say hi, follow them on twitter, send them love. We couldn't have done this without these amazing folks:

+ ban.do + Consumer Crafts + Kate Donaldson + West Elm + Sarah Fritzler + Lemon Jitters + Annabelle Mintz + Artifact Uprising


Photos by Kate Donaldson Photo; video by Evergreen Lane Productions; Eat Drink Create logo by Sarah Fritzler.


mint and gold St. Patrick's Day is coming up, friends. Are you prepared? Do you have your green attire and favorite beer all ready to go? Okay good.

This year I'm going for a mint and gold ensemble. Such an unstoppable duo. As I searched the internets for some gold + minty hues, I came across these awesome goodies. That print? Not related at all to St. Patrick's Day, but SO rad. I had to share the rad-ness. That's my duty as a blogger, yes?

Remember, friends: there's never any need to wear shamrock glasses or leprechaun hats on March 17th... a j.crew bangle or ban.do pouf will do juuuust fine. I'm Irish, I know these things.

What's your favorite green item to wear on St. Patrick's Day? That comfy tee is calling my name...

01 vintage tee 02 ban.do pouf 03 Bill Claps print 04 rings 05 bangle 06 lunch clutch 07 pumps


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