The Art Drank // 13

In honor of this week's camping adventure, we're gettin' outdoorsy with the Art Drank. Now this drink has a few different (extremely classy) monikers: hillbilly mimosa, brass monkey, brewmosa, beermosa... whatever you call it, it's super easy and thus great for camping. P.S. This print by Dan Boardman is making me pretty excited to hang out by a body of water for a few days and just stare off over the relaxing water... but maybe no rafting.



beer (I used New Belgium's Sunshine Wheat) orange juice (I used Simply Orange) orange wedge if you wanna get fancy


Fill glass with half beer, half orange juice. You can always change the ratio depending on how cray you wanna get and/or how much you have to do that day... add garnish.

Does anyone else have this song in their head?

(drank recipe and photo by artsocial)