gummis This month I've experimented with the theory that having a drink, chillaxin' at happy hour, and gettin' one's drank on can help spark creativity. I have not been very successful. Sure, I've had fun... but my productivity has decreased. Shocking/not shocking. Although I was inspired to get creative with this photo shoot. Maybe it's working after all?

Before I say peace out to cocktail hours, mimosas, and booze popsicles, let's take things up a notch for one last drink. I love the idea of infusing my own vodka. Especially after visiting this place. If you're a fan of infused vodkas and live in Denver, go there. Get pineapple, you won't regret it.

Last weekend, I started the infusion process with jalapenos, pears, and cucumbers... and gummi bears. I was channeling my inner college student.

jalapeno pear cucumber

This weekend I'll be putting my own vodka-infused spin on a few of the following recipes... woot! Which one should I try first? Numbers 01 & 05 look wayyy good.

01 Jalapeno Bloody Mary

02 Cucumber Cape Codder

03 Pear Rosemary Cocktail

04 Jalapeno Basil Martini

05 Pear Lemon Fizz

I'm looking forward to starting a new method for sparking creativity next month. One that does not result in hangovers + Breaking Bad marathons. Although I did enjoy the Breaking Bad marathons... let's see what's coming up on the Be Creative project:

be creative project

Images by artsocial.


blueberry lemonade popsicles Welll helllo, friends. No, I'm not drunk. But I was this weekend, in the name of creativity and the Be Creative project. In last week's post, I explained how it's been scientifically proven drinking a beer can help boost creativity (or at least allow for more creative thinking to occur). I won't argue with science, but I must say I didn't feel more creative this weekend. I guess it was only the first experiment, maybe my expectations are too high?

Anyhoo, in the name of creativity and drinking I've decided to give you the recipe for one of my very favorite drinks. Some of you might remember this drink - or should I say DRANK - from The Art Drank series... but this time it's in popsicle form! Cuz that's just more fun.

blueberry lemonade popsicles


ingredients / supplies

+ lemonade (I used Simply Lemonade… nom!) + blueberry vodka (I used blueberry Stoli) + blueberries (optional) + popsicle mold OR this article has a whole bunch of rad diy options + popsicle sticks + foil


Pour half an ounce of blueberry vodka into each individual popsicle mold. Fill the rest with lemonade. If you want to include blueberries, mash/muddle a few blueberries and add them to your mold. Place foil over the top. Cut a small hole in the center of each popsicle and add your popsicle stick. Time for the freezer... and then it's time to get your drank (and your creativity) on.

blueberry lemonade popsicles

Recipe and images by artsocial.


blues and booze Happy April, friends! It's a new month and you know what that means... I'm experimenting with new methods for sparking creativity. Can you guess what they are? The title gave 'em away, huh?

The first method I'm already enjoying is surrounding myself with the color blue. According to this article, a 2009 study found that people solved twice as many "insight puzzles" when surrounded by the color blue. Apparently blue leads to more relaxed and associative thinking. Well bring it, blue.

In order to bring more blue into my life, I've teamed up with The High Five Factory. These awesome + talented ladies create one of a kind, custom made photo booth backdrops. I'm pretty stoked to share my office with this rad backdrop for the month. I've transformed an entire wall into a photo-opp-idea-sparking-backdrop-of-awesomeness. I am in love with this thing.

blues and booze

The second method I'm (hesitantly) trying this month involves getting my drank on. Why do I think drinking will lead to more creativity? Welp, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago tested students' performance on a series of insight puzzles. Drunk students solved nearly 30% more puzzles than sober students.

The reason being, drunk students have the surprising advantage of not paying attention and thus not inhibiting their imagination. This article says it best: "Although we live in an age that worships focus—we are always forcing ourselves to concentrate, chugging caffeine—this approach can inhibit the imagination. We might be focused, but we're probably focused on the wrong answer."

blues and booze

So interesting, right? That means taking a break from work and going to happy hour with our friends - just letting go for a bit - can actually be the best thing for our creativity. Just to be clear, I'm in no way saying we should all take up drinking to be creative. That would be cray. Plus I'm a major lightweight, I couldn't handle that. I am, however, going to try this approach in moderation and carry its underlying message with me this month: take time to relax, yo! and have fun.

Follow along with my adventures this month on instagram + twitter! I'll most definitely be 'gramming this blue backdrop on the reg...


Huge thank you to The High Five Factory for making my blue experiment possible! Images by artsocial.