Make something good. That's MY JULY's mantra. I can definitely get on board with that...

Melissa, the mastermind behind MY JULY, illustrates / designs / prints / cuts / crafts and assembles each piece. I was really inspired by her about page on Etsy. She says:

I believe BIG things can come from humble beginnings... Everyday life is my inspiration. A random encounter or inside joke can easily become the root of an illustration. Most of the cards in the shop were made for a family member or friend. It's easy when you realize that what you thought were unique experiences are actually universal.

Gah I love that last part. Amen, sista!


From the top: Mustache and Bike buttons | Shut Up Legs card | Owl and Colorado Love buttons | OMG Shoes card

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New Series: Etsy Denver

Hey Denver, you're alright! I'm finding so many local gems on Etsy. These three shops really put the art in crafty (hey, it's in there somewhere)...

I gots to pin this bear on my jacket... and also here.

There's some serious awesome happening here. Which piece of this neighborhood puzzle do you live in?

Like whoa. I think these are made with equal parts cool and off the heezy.

images: larka designs; January Jones Prints; becky's buttons

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