Guys, guess where I live? Yeah, Denver. You already knew that? Letterpress design house Paper Plates Press is located riiiight here in Denver... and their clever paper goods are making me feel pretty darn proud of this place. I especially love their Pine Beetle holiday cards... Colorado folks, you understand.

Their Letter to Santa Sack is full of everything you need to send Santa a proper what up:

1 Letterpress Letter to Santa printed on Santa’s letterhead 1 Letterpress Envelope, magically addressed to the North Pole 3 Of Santa’s letterpress gift tags 1 Special letterpress note and elf-size envelope from the big man, himself 1 Reusable, hand stamped reindeer sack

So fun! I kind of want to write a letter... I mean with my niece... of course.


Psst - buying local means you get extra holiday cheer. Fact. So go support small bidness this year, k?

Find Paper Plates Press on Etsy and Facebook!

Our Paper Shop

You could go to a big chain store to get your Valentine's cards... OR you could get something really awesome from Our Paper Shop. That's a no brainer... Wait - you picked Our Paper Shop, right? Ok good. You'll actually want to keep these cards, friends. They also double as art.

AND I just found out that some awesome goods from Our Paper Shop will be included in the goodie bag Blogshop students get this Saturday!! I didn't think Seattle Blogshop could get any more awesome, but looky there. Just did.

All images via Our Paper Shop. Get yo'self some rad cards here.

Art is More Than Painting

Painting, drawing, and sculpture are like the 3 loud people at the party. Fun and entertaining, but total attention whores. What about the other art at the party, hanging out by the snacks with quiet dignity. This post is for them. Get down wit' yo' bad self, unconventional artwork.


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