Who's super stoked for Valentine's Day tomorrow?! Okay, I know a lot of people hate the holiday, but I think they might just be looking at it from the wrong perspective...

Here are 5 reasons to be grateful for all the lurve tomorrow, whether you're in a relationship or ridin' solo dolo.

01 TREATS. This time of year requires anything and everything pink & sugary... or chocolatey. I recommend these mini doughnuts.

02 DIYS. Like we need an excuse to get creative, amIright?? While I exercise my creative muscles on the reg, holidays definitely motivate me to do more and try new things. Pinterest is blowin' up with Valentine's projects. Psst these diy heart pillows will look good alllllll year round. Bonus.

03 TREAT YO'SELF. You have to do something nice for yourself on Valentine's Day. Whether you're getting dolled up for a date, having a galentine's par-tay, or watching netflix in the tub, treat yourself tomorrow, k? I'll definitely be trying this XO manicure.

04 FREE STUFF. Always a good thing. Lots of places offer free stuff / deals on Valentine's Day. I found free donuts, waffles, and pie! just from one quick google. Go forth and google, my friends. Here's one site to getcha goin'.

05 FREEDOM. Do whatcha want. Celebrate, don't celebrate. Watch a rom-com, watch a scary movie (I recommend You're Next. Ohmygah, watch it). As adults, we get to decide how we want to celebrate (or not celebrate) on the 14th. Use it as an excuse to do what you reeeeaaally want.

P.S. AND as adults, we no longer have to hand out valentines to our classmates. How awful was that??! Thank god that's over.

P.P.S. Be sure to check back in tomorrow! In honor of Valentine's Day, my favorite-est photographer is hosting a very special / cramazing giveaway. I'll be super jelly of whoever wins this one.

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take a break I LOVE the week in between Christmas and New Year's. So much to celebrate, and within one week! Holidays should always come in pairs... or in Paris, which is what I accidentally typed at first. I hear ya, subconscious. I'll consider a trip to Europe in 2014.

I've officially decided to take this week off. I don't even know what I'll do with myself! Get over the moon / giddy / butterflies excited about the new year? Or go rollerskating? Not out of the question.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone! Cheers! (Cuz there will be plenty of champagne drinking obvs).

How will you be ringing in the new year?

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woot woot Guys, it's my 2nd blogiversary! Clearly a giant cake is in order.

I cannot believe it's been two years. I've learned so dang much, it blows my mind how much can happen and change in such a short amount of time. I have so many goals and dreams for this site, it's easy to forget how much I've already done simply because there's still so much I want to do.

In honor of the blogiversary - and in honor of slowing down to celebrate accomplishments instead of blowing past them - I thought we'd revisit some of my very favorite posts / moments from the past two years...

+ My very first Art Crush post! Still crushin' on that rad work... I mean, it's art you can walk on! How awesome is that?

+ The first Shoes & Views, arguably the coolest series ever. High five, Kate.

+ Going to blogshop in Seattle. Wow that was such a turning point. My confidence, skills, and excitement all got a major boost that weekend. I'm forever grateful for blogshop.

+ The post that inspired the Be Happy linkup... and my decision to leave the museum world for reals. P.S. another major milestone? It's been a whole year since I left my museum job! That means 12 months of solopreneurship. 365 days of blind faith that my passion would turn into a profitable career. I'm SO glad I made that leap.

+ Ab Ex Halloween! That costume was so fun to put together... I still have the painting, too.

+ Going to Alt Summit. Omigosh talk about another pivotal event. I don't want to start tearing up, but this was life changing. It's where I met the Tiffany Han after all! Things started to get real - and real awesome - after this conference.

+ Our first Eat Drink Create party! Oh man, seriously one of the best decisions I've made as a blogger. Real life is where it's at, I tell ya. I can't wait to go back to West Elm for our holiday party next month. So excited to celebrate the holidays with you guys!

It's been an amazing ride so far. To everyone I've connected with because of this blog: thank you for being so freaking awesome. I wish I could give all of you a slice of this cake I bought to celebrate the occasion. Ok, me and Kevs will each have an extra piece in your honor.

woot woot

HUGE shout out and thank you to Lila of Lingering Daydreams for making me this custom cake banner!! I'm in love with it. I want to put it on all my food. Pizza, pancakes, everything. Thanks, Lila! :)

It’s Thursday and that means a whole gang of rad bloggers are talking about happiness. Join the movement below and on twitter with #BeHappylinkup!


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Get Your Green On

SO. My name is Erin Cassidy which basically means I'm super Irish, right? Well not really. I'm a quarter Irish... and I think that quarter is my name. BUT I've lived through 25 St. Patrick's Days, y'all, so I know a little bit about the day... and the one piece of advice I have? For the love of guinness, everyone, wear something green. It's not like it's a crazy color, everyone looks good in green. So participate you scroogies. At least wear a green accessory. Otherwise pinching will ensue.

shoes | ring | polka dot jeans | green capri | tee

Launching in 3, 2, 1... Hooray!

Here we go friends! ARTSOCIAL is officially beginning, it is officially awesome, and it is officially time to celebrate (with this cake? don’t mind if I do). And yes, that is a lot of officials.

Meet ARTSOCIAL – aka co-founders Erin and Kate. We’re embarking on this entrepreneurial journey to help make art more accessible.

Say hi to our blog – this fabulous little gem will hopefully keep you entertained… or at least keep us entertained, and keep you informed and maybe even inspired?? Ooohhh challenge accepted.

Let’s do this.

Above: Cake via The Cilantropist; Balloons by Geronimo! balloon-troopers