So I was recently accused of being a scrooge. I know! Me? The girl doing a 25-day holiday series on her blog? Ok, well I may have admitted I'm not a huge fan of Christmas music, but is that so bad?? Tell me I'm not alone. To prove my unscroogy-ness, I thought I'd share this list of Christmas-y things I LOVE:

christmas cheer

1. This drink: Candy Cane Cooler 2. This photograph: Valerie Chiang, Reindeer, 2012. 3. This party sign: Cheer Ahead by minted. 4. This ornament: Sequin Ornament via The Land of Nod. 5. This treat: Chocolate Peppermint Mousse. 6. This sweater: ASOS Mistletoe Sweater. 7. This print: alleverythingthatisyou sno7,1_016 by Mike & Doug Starn via 20x200.

What puts you in the Christmas spirit??


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