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Oh guys, Jenny Odell had me at 125 Swimming Pools.

Jenny's series of satellite prints show a collection of things - swimming pools, trains, ponds - cut out from Google Satellite View. While they're all pretty uh-mazing (see the whole series here!), these two jumped out at me.

I think it's because I'm already dreaming of summer and would like very much to swim in 125 swimming pools and ride down 10 different water slide configurations... et tu?

125 Swimming Pools | 10 Waterslide Configurations

See more of Jenny's work on 20x200 and her website!


paper planes paper butterflies

jumping rope

infinity dashes

Guys. How awesome are these photos?? I found them during my (daily) perusal of Saatchi Online. That combination of graphic lines, beautiful photographs, and bright bursts of color will get me EVERY TIME.

Plus I love the surreal quality of each work. The juxtaposition between the bright paper and the dying plants, or the way the drawing interacts with the photo, definitely makes you stop and look. So wonderfully strange, don't you think?

On another note, maybe I should decorate my entire office with vibrant paper planes today...

Which one is your favorite?

Paper Planes | Paper Butterflies | Jumping Rope Girl | Infinity Dashes

Learn more about Ping Homeric here.


jump for joy by kelly nicolaisen I've mentioned Kelly's work once before on the ol' blog. It's time for an official declaration of her awesomeness... a.k.a. an Art Crush post.

reach for it by kelly nicolaisen stand tall by kelly nicolaisen

I'm obsessed with Kelly's playful style. I totally want to be one of the characters in her photos... or, ya know, start taking crazy awesome selfies.

doggy treat by kelly nicolaisen

go girl by kelly nicolaisen

The vibrant colors, the striking compositions, the unusual humor. I have a crush on this art, no doubt. Her photos are FUN and they make me want to have fun... art doesn't get much better than that, huh?

let's boogie by kelly nicolaisen

Check out more work by Kelly Nicolaisen on her website and Saatchi Online.

Jump for Joy | Reach for It | Stand Tall | Doggy Treat | Go Girl | Let's Boogie


imaginary friends by naomi vona Naomi emailed me a few weeks ago introducing me to her work. Guys. INSTANT CRUSH. I'm a sucker for collage. I'm tellin' ya, collage is in right now...

smokey eyes by naomi vona

Naomi is an Italian artist who lives in Dublin, Ireland. She creates new interpretations of vintage photos using pens, paper, colored tape, and stickers.

a forest by naomi vona

I love the juxtaposition (yay art history jargon!) of the drab & dingy vintage photos with such bright bold colors. The bursts of color add so much life to the photos, don't you think? Plus, the way Naomi applies these colorful additions gives each photo a whole new abstract story. The original photo is completely transformed and made anew.

gentlemen by naomi vona

What do you think? Do you have an art crush on Naomi's collages, too? So awesome, right?

Imaginary Friends | Smokey Eyes | A Forest | Gentlemen

See more from Naomi on Saatchi Online, Society6, and her blog!


Wonderland november-decembre 2011i-D spring summer 2012 pag 209 i-D spring-summer 2012 pag 162 LOVE n 06 autumn winter 2011

Holy amazing oil painting skills, guys. If you've ever tried using oil paints, you know what an incredible achievement these works are...

In her Trash series, Italian artist Stefania Fersini paints discarded crumpled pages from fashion magazines. Picked from the recycle bin and recreated on an enlarged scale, Stefania's work represents + critiques society's obsession with consumerism and appearance.

Beautiful, well-executed, and a deeper message? I'd say this is a contemporary art win. High five, Stefania.


01. Wonderland november-decembre 2011 02. i-D spring summer 2012 pag 209 03. i-D spring-summer 2012 pag 162 04. LOVE n 06 autumn winter 2011

See more from Stefania Fersini on Galleray. This post is sponsored by Galleray. All opinions are my own.


I can't believe how many art crushes I've found on Galleray. It's like all of my art soul mates are rounded up in one place... I decided to highlight Daniel Grant this week because, as a landlocked Colorado gal, I've always been slightly obsessed with the ocean and the whole beach lifestyle.


I grew up listening to Sublime, watching Dogtown and Z-Boys, and dreaming of moving to California some day. Hey, that still might happen... but in reality, I'd never be able to hang out in the sun all day (I'm Irish after all), I hate getting my hair wet, and I'm kind of afraid of the ocean. Still, a part of me dreams of being a surfer girl.


Daniel Grant creates his photos using a Holga camera. Love the Holgs! Although first created as children's toys, these cameras now have quite the cult following. They essentially take away the control and technical aspects of photography. Their poorly sealed cases are known for adding their own mark on the photos, like lens flaring, blurring, and vignetting.

When using a Holga, all you can do is try your best and surrender your control over the outcome... much like surfing. Whoa, did I just blow your mind?


Which Daniel Grant photo is your favorite? All of them? I hear ya...


01. longboard 02. twin palms 03. brft boy 04. dora 05. surf motel 06. pride 07. timing sets 08. right

See more from Daniel Grant on Galleray and his website. This post is sponsored by Galleray. All opinions are my own.


By now you've probably noticed I'm all about the creativity this year. So deciding to bring back the Art Association pinterest contest was an obvious HELL YES. Are you guys ready for another round of awesome pinning? Aww yeah. Here's a little refresher on how Art Association works:

Artsy Forager and I have cooked up one awesome project that involves art, Pinterest, and YOU… we’re like arty mad scientists over here. Art Association (think word association) involves creating a Pinterest board around one work of art and all of the things you think of while looking at it. Anything and everything that comes to mind will be pinned… no holding back. The pinner who creates the BEST board will win an uh-mazing prize and some definite bragging rights. Let's get started, eh?

This month we’re looking at Christina Baker's painting Cocktail Party...

C H R I S T I N A  B A K E R  :  C O C K T A I L  P A R T Y


I love abstract works with cute titles, totally kick-starts my imagination. I start to create a story out of the random shapes and colors. Cocktail Party? Oh yep, those lines and colors are totally balloons... champagne... confetti... boldly dressed ladies... and a blur of flowers.

T H E   P I N S


See all of my pins here.

What do you see in Christina's work? Are you ready to get your pin on? Woop woop!

contest Create a pinboard based on Christina Baker's Cocktail Party for a chance to win this 12x12 acrylic on canvas, Roses Over The Bridge, by Christina Baker! Oh my gah, I love it.


01. Follow artsocial and Artsy Forager on Pinterest (if you already follow us, you’re in bro).

02. Create a Pinterest board titled Art Association.

03. Pin Christina Baker's Cocktail Party along with anything and everything that you think of when looking at Christina's work.

04. Leave the link to your pinboard in the comments section of this post (scroll allllll the way down to the bottom)

Done and done. The pinner with the best art associations (as judged by me and Artsy Forager) will be chosen on Wednesday, January 23rd at 5pm (mountain standard time). Sorry, international friends, this contest is open to U.S. residents only...

Happy pinning!


See more from Christina Baker on her website & facebook!


What better way to kick off 2013 than with a brand new art crush? Anibal-Vallejo

Aníbal Vallejo lives and works in Medellín, Colombia. He combines embroidery, fabric, acrylic, and graphite to create some pretty uh-mazing mixed media work.

Anibal Vallejo

With bursts of flora, unexpected animals, intriguing faceless figures, and embroidered accents, Vallejo's work always leaves me wanting more... it's like there's a whole story behind each work and we only get a tiny piece of the puzzle. I mean, you know this cat lady has a story to tell.

Anibal Vallejo

I'm always perusing the interweb for new art crushes. I learned about Aníbal Vallejo on Galleray. If you're an artist or art lover, check 'em out yo. Galleray's mission is to connect people with art... oh you know I'm down with that.



What do you think of Aníbal Vallejo's work? Crush-worthy? Those embroidered cats are just too awesome...


From the top: Untitled | Belle Brummell | Untitled | Untitled | Untitled

See more from Aníbal Vallejo on Galleray and his website. This post is sponsored by Galleray. All opinions are my own.


Buying artwork can be super overwhelming... especially if you're buying it for someone else. The best place to start? Think about what else the giftee is into. What's their favorite movie? What's the color of their bedspread? What are they pinning and instagramming? What's their style - vintage or contemporary? After you get a few clues, it's time to play art matchmaker... Ugallery breaks their collection down into very manageable categories - medium, style, color, size, they even have a decor guide if you have a specific room in mind. Oh and they have a "view on the wall" feature that allows you to visualize the artwork in a real space. So. Cool.

Even cooler? They're offering 15% off to all of you awesome readers with the code artsocial15 until December 21st!! Hurry and get that art for the holidays, friends.

Here are some of my Ugallery favorites I'd love to gift this year (to myself).


1. Valerie Chiang, Marilyn, 2011. 2. Ely Key, View From the Chevy, 2009. 3. Ansen Seale, Moving On, 1988 4. David Arnoux, Carnival, #5, 2010 5. Valerie Chiang, Short-Winded Elations, 2010


P.S. remember: when in doubt, there are always gift cards.

Find Ugallery on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and online of course!


Happy Friday and day 12 of holidazzle!! What better way to celebrate both of those things than with a drink? or cats? or candy?

I'm such a fan of Amy Borrell's work. Amy's a freelance illustrator and designer based in Melbourne... and she's got skillz. Her playful and bright illustrations are definitely going on my Christmas wishlist, et tu?


Drinks Cart | Cats | Lolly Jars

Find more from Cake with Giants online, Etsy, and Big Cartel!