Oh guys. Art Basel Miami starts tomorrow. Oh how magical it would be to attend "the most prestigious art show in the Americas." Okay, kind of a stuffy description there, but I still think it would be IN-credible. I mean, works by more than 2,000 contemporary artists?? I think my art-loving head would explode... I've already spent way too much time going through their online catalog. I definitely have an art crush on these bronze boxing gloves:

I'm starting to think big for 2013, yolo-style... I think a trip to Art Basel - either in Basel (whaaa) or Miami - might be in order.

If you could go anywhere in 2013, where would you go??


Images: Julião Sarmento, Untitled; Fiona Banner, Unboxing; found here.

Why Can't I Eat Goulash in a Gallery?

Or mutton in a museum? No, this is not from a Dr. Seuss book. It's my new post about pairing art with food. The right kind of food or drink would make the art viewing experience more fun, more yummy, more multi-sensory, and - quite simply - more awesome. Let's try some combinations... I know, I'm a mad scientist. {ART} Top and above: Frozen Lake Art on Lake Baikal in Siberia by Jim Denevan. This takes playing in the snow to a whole new level.

{FOOD} This delicious Spanish treat shares an uncanny resemblance to Jim Denevan's frozen lake art. This is totes what his art would bake if it had an oven. Polvorones Sevillanos aka cinnamon cookies dusted with powdered sugar.

{DRINK} Just looking at that frozen lake art makes me want to put on my boots (that may or may not rhyme with shmuggs), wrap up in a blanket, and drink this: salted caramel vodka hot chocolate... need I say more?



Collecting Art (Because I Can't Collect Barbies Anymore) Part I

Remember when you were little and every one of your friends collected something - stuffed animals, coins and stamps (aww sad), marbles, pogs and slammers, barbies (what up - I turned my room into a barbie village complete with grocery store and bank). Thinking about those innocent days of collecting has inspired me to start collecting again. What you ask? I'm going to collect collections. Whoa. Did I just blow your mind or what?

The 64 Moons of Jupiter by Amy Borrell

Terrarium by Alyssa Nassner

Print 1 by Julia Rothman

Print 2 by Julia Rothman

Above artwork found on the fab site Little Paper Planes.

Hey, friends, what do you collect??