Oh my, February is gonna get interesting. This month for the Be Creative project, I'm trying different things... to the extreme. Like, no one should try so many new things in one month.

From what I can tell from my research, when it comes to prompting creativity few things are as important as cross-pollination with fields outside your area of expertise and having more diverse experiences. Guys, I really like my area of expertise... it's comfortable, I feel smart & safe there. This month is gonna be tough.

I'm saying peace out to all of my usual sources of inspiration and, in fact, many of my usual habits. In February, I will be increasing the diversity of information to which I am exposed by embracing the new, the different, and the totally weird. What does this mean? Welp, let me walk you through a few of my rules/goals for this month:

+ Eat differently. I have to order something new when I go out to eat. Guys, I have the most boring taste ever. I'd be happy eating oatmeal and various breads until the end of time. This rule is proving to be quite difficult.

+ Headstands. Stand on my head (or attempt to) twice each week. My girl Kristiina says this is amaazing... I'm determined to try it.

+ Learn something. Take classes on subjects I know nothing about. I'll be teaming up with Dabble to make this happen - Self-reflexology and Baking 101, here I come.

+ Branch the eff out. Find inspiration from different sources. No more looking at the same few blogs or pinterest boards I know I like.

+ Celebrate differently. Do something completely different for my birthday. I'm currently exploring foreign birthday traditions... cake in my face might need to happen.

+ Sleep differently. Try the 2nd sleep method... :/

+ Listen differently. Listen to new music - specifically baroque music. Oh man. You guys know I love music like this... so baroque music? All month long? Uggghhhh. Why baroque? Welllll:

"Baroque music - such as Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' and Pachbel's 'Canon' - has been shown to synchronize brain waves at about 60 cycles per second, a frequency associated with increased alpha waves. In turn, alpha is a frequency of mind associated with enhanced creativity." (source)


So, there you go. I must admit, taking even the tiniest of risks - like ordering something new at a restaurant - has been surprisingly liberating. Crazy how the smallest shifts in bravery can feel so exciting. You know that feeling of uncertainty + excitement when you're in another country and basically everything is new? That's kinda how I feel...

I didn't realize what kind of ruts I'd created for myself. My familiar routines and habits are comfortable and reliable... but I'm wondering if underneath that is just fear. Fear of trying something new, of looking stupid, of making a mistake. I don't want to be scared of fish tacos. I tried them last night after not eating them for nearly 20 years... and they were pretty good! I wonder what else I've eliminated as "not for me" just because I didn't like them when I was younger...

Being scared to branch out is not the way to tap into my creativity. Willingness will take you far... and this month I'm willing to try new things.

Have a creativity-boosting idea for me? Tell me in the comments! I'm srsly trying it all this month... I'll probably do it.

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Images by artsocial.