The Pinterest Project: Week One

It felt so great to be completely honest yesterday and confess some things I'm afraid to tell you. I think from here on out, I'm determined to be more open and honest on the blog. The support that poured in yesterday made me one happy little blogger. I'm so grateful for all of you!! Yes, I put that in my gratitude journal... After so much truthiness it feels silly to continue on with my regularly scheduled blog program... but what the hey. Let's talk about collections and cupcakes! There were some great pins on The Pinterest Project board this week... and by great, I mean delicious... and by delicious, I mean effing delicious-looking. I'd love to actually eat some (all) of these recipes, but apparently making and eating multiple batches of cupcakes in one week is frowned upon or something. Whatevs. Let's enjoy this week's highlights right nowww.

P.S. if you missed the beginning of The Pinterest Project, it's a collaborative pin board that you are invited to join. This month we're pinning anything and everything related to collections and cupcakes. And the best pins are featured right here on the blog. Hey you, come pin with us!

A special thank you goes to Jessica, Renee, and Kate! Thanks for going along with my crazy ideas :)


The pins and their sources found here.

The Pinterest Project: Collections + Cupcakes

I'm basically on Pinterest all day... and Google Reader.. and Gchat. But that's for a different post. At various (aka frequent) times throughout the day at my job, I'll take a Pinterest break (aka pretending to work whilst pinning from tumblrs). It's healthy to take breaks, right? Pinterest is like my visual calisthenics...

Anyhoooo, are you on Pinterest? Everyone and their goldfish is joining Pinterest... but how do you use it? Lately I've heard a lot of people say they like the idea of Pinterest, but they aren't really sure what to do with it. While I use it to pin the images I want to use on this here blog, I can see how others might have a cool-but-what-do-I-do-with-you-Pinterest kind of attitude (longest hyphenation ever)...virtual pinboard? What if I've never even had a non-virtual pinboard? It's ok, you don't need one...

We know Pinterest is all about bookmarking your favorite internet finds... but what if we could bookmark/pin together? Ya know like a big virtual scrapbooking party. I remember my old college roommate would have scrapbooking parties and I wasn't cool enough (or maybe too cool) to be invited...

So here's what I propose: for the next month, let's pin to this board. In order to be added to the board as a contributor all you have to do is comment on one of the pins. Easy as pie... or cupcakes. This month's topic: collections and cupcakes, which means pin anything and everything collections or cupcake related. Annnnd the best pins will be featured on the blog each week - yay!

Pinners, let's do this.

Feels like Spring

When I was little (er and all throughout my adult life), it was a tradition for me and my mom to look for signs of spring. Starting in March, we'd start the search for anything slightly springy, from the obvious - budding trees and flowers - to the more conceptual - flip-flop wearers and the opening of the drive-in (which is honestly more a sign of summer, but hey, these aren't hard and fast rules). Like I said, I've continued with this tradition. And thanks to the power of - and my obsession with - Instagram, I've captured a few signs of spring just for you, you lucky reader.

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Arts + Eats

It's always the same: cheese, crackers, wine, beer... big yawn. Gallery and museum openings, while full of good things to look at, are often lacking good things to eat. If I had it my way, I'd pair the artwork with food or drink that matches accordingly... Matthias Heiderich || teal pops

Dream Maker by Cassia Beck || polka dot ice cream

Playin' in the Sprinkler by Jason Bergsieker || chocolate brigadeiros

newspaper boxes by Shannonblue Photography || Owl lollipops

It's falling from the sky by pintameldia || Pink lemonade confetti cupcakes