Designing a new logo or website for your business is hands down one of the most exciting processes you'll ever go through as an online entrepreneur. Ya know, other than your first sale, your next sale - okay all the sales - and always having the freedom to take a nap after lunch. Cuz you CAN. Although I'm 3 years in and I never have! I'm such a mean boss...

While the design process is super exciting, there are two very key elements that must be worked out before the designing ever begins; before the pixels hit the page - ha! If the following puzzle pieces are in place for your business, the design process will be pure. magic.

Your WHAT: get clear on your vision for your business.

What is your dream for your business? Knowing what you do and how you want to turn your ideas into offerings is huge. I didn't find that clarity for a good 2 years into my business. I took the very organic, it'll-find-me route...

Your WHY: clearly define your brand.

What's your mission statement? What are your values? How are you doing it differently than the other guys? After you pinpoint your vision and what your business does, it's time to ask how to define your vision so that your ideal clients will take notice.

Knowing the answers to these seemingly simple questions is, well, everything right? Because the info above? Your what and your why? That's what makes your business, your business. It's the heart, the soul, the core. Only then can you tackle the HOW - the design and the website - in a way that truly resonates with you and that sweet, sweet biz of yours.

Boom shakalaka(the sound awesome design makes).


Images via one uh-mazing client's inspiration board.

If you’ve ever felt the call to start an online business but aren’t sure of the what or the why or the how, It’s Business Time is a program with myself, Tiffany Han, and Michelle Ward to help you figure out all of the pieces and turn your Big Dreams into a Legit Biz (complete with a website designed by yours truly) in 6 months.

On March 13th, we are hosting a free webinar called What We Want You to Know About Starting a Business. Sign up here to get the webinar deets AND priority application information for the program (only 10 spots available!).

it's business time
it's business time



Guys. I'm starting a new collaboration + offering soon and my excitement is off the charts. I can't spill the beans quite yet, but I just had to give you a sneak peek of the moodboard I made for it!

Normally I do moodboards for client projects like logo design and web design. But moodboards can help organize any project or collaboration. It's so helpful to get the look and feel of a project laid out during the building + planning phase. Because really, it informs every phase that follows...

My method for moodboarding? I'll start collecting inspiration on a secret pinterest board and then try to distill it down to just a handful of pins, like you see above. With so much inspiration out there, it can be a surprisingly painful process. But every time I do it, I try to remind myself: the refining process is where the magic happens. And doing said refining with, say, a beer or a margarita? Totally allowed.

I kid, I kid. But I'm not kidding about the awesomeness that is launching this month. And P.S. it involves this superwoman :)

I can't wait to share everything soon! Very soon.




those colors! L-O-V-E the colors from this photo by Sugar & Cloth. Those pinks! I mean, come on. I'm in palette heaven.

One of my favorite places to find palette inspiration is pinterest. I'll find an image with the right colors + vibe, then pick out juuust the right shades for whatever project I'm working on at the time. Another great resource for palettes is Colour Lovers.  Ohmygah, it's amazing. Make sure you have a few hours to spare before diving into that site...

I'm working on a new passion project right now - that I can't wait to share soon! - and I think this palette needs to join the party.

P.S. should we make these rose cocktails with floral sprinkles? I think so, too. I'll come by after work. After all, Mondays need a happy hour...

Image via Sugar & Cloth.



I spend quite a bit of time these days searching for fun font combinations. The right fonts for my clients' banners, their new programs, their e-books, their blog posts, my blog posts! I'm always on the lookout for goooood fonts. And you totally know them when you see them. When a font works, it works. Much like true love...

I'm so excited to share some of my favorite font combos in this new blog series, Tasty Type! First up, playfair display & raleway. Oh and both of them are freeee. Double yay. Enjoy, friends!

COTTON // Playfair Display (italic) via Font Squirrel

CANDY // Raleway (medium) via Font Squirrel

Graphic by artsocial.