mini banner diy I'm a goal-setter. Blog goals, meditation challenges, creativity + happiness projects - I'm always working on something. With all this striving going on, there will inevitably be days where I'm feeling a bit down, a little behind, and not so strive-y.

I hear in order to achieve a less tangible goal, like "be more carefree" or "act like the effing rockstar that I am," it's helpful to keep your goals in front of you. Write them on a post-it and have them physically on display for you to see throughout the day. I love that idea, but come on, we can do better than a post-it!

Enter: the mini inspiration banner.

I created this "hooray" banner as a reminder to celebrate more and have MORE FUN. Even when we're passionate about our jobs, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of emails and to-dos. Well I'm keeping this banner front and center on my desk to remind me to be lighter + enjoy the process. I kind of have a pink + gold thing goin' on, huh?



+ mini canvas banners + acrylic paint (any color, go wild) + abc stencil + small paintbrush + sponge brush + washi or masking tape + string + a rad word or phrase


01 Find your rad word or phrase... pinterest is always great for a little inspiration.

02 Lay out the appropriate number of banners for your word or phrase... plus a few more in case you want to get creative.

canvas banners

03 Paint your canvas banners with the sponge brush. Some curling may occur as they dry. Press them underneath a heavy book for a bit if necessary.


04 After your banners dry, tape them onto a flat surface. Line up your stencil and secure with more washi or masking tape. Fill in the letter using the small paintbrush, it's more precise than the sponge brush. Remove stencil, rinse + dry it to prevent paint smudges. Repeat this step with each remaining banner.

stencil paint repeat

05 String 'em up, yo. Tie a few knots at the ends to ensure the banners won't slide off the string.


I can't wait to share a couple more inspirational diys with you this month as part of my Be Creative project... HOORAY!


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Images by artsocial.