When a project first starts, the possibilities and ideas are endless. Ah! Guys, it's so exciting.

Ultimately though, with every client and project, I'm always working towards that moment. When you see a design and you know immediately: yes. that. You can feel something click. We've got it. That's a wrap.

This was one of several fonts I chose for a client recently. We ended up going with a different script, but I still have such a crush on this one!

What do you think? Are you loving the hand-written font trend as much as I am?



I have to admit, I'm a tequila fan. Not a dance-on-the-bar kind of tequila fan, but a really good margarita paired with chips and guacamole kind of fan. That's right. I KNEW you were, too!

So naturally, when I came across a recipe on pinterest called The Most Magical Margarita in All the Land?? Omg of course I had to try it immediately... but it was Monday morning when I found it, so I saved it for a more reasonable day...

Enjoy, friends! Many cheers for tasty margaritas and free fonts:

MAGICAL // Montserrat via Google Fonts

MARGARITA// Satisfy via Google Fonts

Graphic by artsocial. Photo and recipe via how sweet it is.



Oh, I'm loving these fonts right now. Especially bombshell pro. Seems like calligraphy is all the rage right now! As it should be, it's beeeyoootiful. So for someone who lacks calligraphy training (me), this font is a dream.

ALSO, I just found a recipe for Rosemary Sloe Gin Fizz and I can't wait to try it. Apparently sloe gin is not gin at all. It comes from little fruits called sloes, a relative of the plum. Did I just blow your mind or what? Let's try it for brunch this weekend, k?

This post is dedicated to everyone who gets as excited as I do to try new drinks and new fonts :)

Enjoy, friends!

ROSEMARY // Bombshell Pro via MyFonts

GIN FIZZ // Didot via MyFonts

Graphic by artsocial.