How to Prevent Art Fatigue

© Elina Nilsson

Art fatigue - commonly known as getting "art-ed out" - effects hundreds of museum goers everyday. Often, art fatigue victims will be enjoying a work of art and then all of a sudden - bang!slap!boom! - they don't care anymore. They've had enough.

"Art, get out of my face right now," they'll often think or even say out loud.

Art fatigue is easily preventable. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be ready to get your art on.

1. Drink: consume plenty of fluids before entering an exhibition (note: alcohol can often enhance the viewing experience)

2. Eat: my boss - a museum professional - recommends eating 2 hard boiled eggs, this is enough protein to walk through 3 exhibitions. Truth fact.

3. Watch a reality show: by watching a reality show before viewing an exhibition, you clear your mind of any intellectual thought. Thus, when you arrive at the museum or gallery your mind will be hungry for knowledge. *Kate adds soap operas and re-runs of Married with Children have a similar effect.

4. Connect the gallery-goer dots. Ex.// Oh hey doesn't that guy look like a de Kooning? Discuss amongst yourselves.

5. Sit down