artsocial-gift-guide Whaaa! I can't believe it's almost Christmas. We got a tree last weekend and it put me in the Christmas spirit SO fast. I think it's that tree smell... it brought back so many memories of decorating Christmas trees at my dad's house. And we got a BIG tree this time. No more tiny-I-live-in-an-apartment trees for this girl!

Anyhoo, I wanted to share one last batch of favorites from my ultimate gift guide - which I really should've called Erin's Giant Wish List, because I want e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

P.S. a motorcycle scarf?? I know. I've been watching a ton of Sons of Anarchy lately... no spoilers! I'm only on season 5. I could never pull off a motorcycle scarf, so please get it for yourself or someone you know so I can live vicariously through your badass fashion sense.

Happy final shopping days, friends!!

01 field notes 02 hat 03 motorcycle scarf 04 hey ring 05 odds and ends dish 06 water bottle 07 iphone charger 08 giant gem speaker


the artsocial gift guide Guys, this gift guide is becoming dangerous. There's just too much cute! The items above are some of my favorites so far... and we've got another month to go!

Whether it's used for serious holiday shopping or just to beef up your pinterest wishlist, this gift guide is so much fun to put together. BIG thank you to everyone who's pinning, commenting, and following along. It means the whole world to me. I wish I could buy each of you incredibly meaningful gifts (Leslie Knope-style) but since I can't, I'll just keep gift guiding :)

Hooray for shopping early! We're kicking so much ass right now.

Join the gift guide par-tay here or on pinterest!

book | necklace | earrings | backpack | book | scarf | shirt | terrarium

AS shop coming soon


artsocial ultimate gift guide I had so much fun sharing my favorite things for the holidays last year, I'm doin' it again! And this year, I'm going all in. I'm starting early - because if you're anything like me, waiting until December to shop gives you major anxiety AND you'd rather order everything online to stay as far away from a mall as possible.

So it's on. STARTING TODAY! Gifts for your besties, your sisters and your misters. I'll be adding to it until December 18th so there will be plenty of goodies to pick from. Whoop whoop!

Check out the full guide here or following along via pinterest!

Image by artsocial. Gift guide collected and curated via rewardStyle. All opinions and recs are my own. Happy holiday shopping, friends!



gift-guide-banner artsocial gift guide

It's that tiiiime! Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Oh hells to the yeah, I'm sure you're answering back. I went a little cray this year and did all my shopping before Thanksgiving. I know. I was determined to do everything online and NOT run out of time for shipping this time...

SO that means, I've been collecting all of my favorite things over the past few weeks with the help of rewardStyle, what whaaat! AND I've put everything into an easy peasy gift guide for your shopping enjoyment.

Check it! I'll be adding to it everyday, so make sure you bookmark this sea of treasures, k?

Above: belt | owl mug | glasses | clutch | loafers | satchel | dominoes


It's day 25 of holidazzle! Sad face because it's ending... but happy face because it's almost Christmas and then New Year's and then ALT SUMMIT. Since it's the last day of holidazzle, I thought I'd switch things up a bit. Just like on the last day of school when you don't actually do any learning, you just sit around and day dream about the summer ahead. Well, similarly - all the online holiday shopping should already be done, so I'm gonna sit back, relax, and day dream about cute iphone cases... that's the same, right?

Too much cuteness! Which one would you get?

fab phone cases

From the top: Sparkle Stripe | What to focus on | Black Cat | Tribal | ban.do case

Thank you to everyone who participated in holidazzle!! Psst - you can get 20% off that ban.do case through the month of December with the code feelpretty!!



These little zines are genius... and I like saying "zines." Bad Girls Throughout History:

A 22-page zine that briefly, and in no way comprehensively, illustrates the bad ass women who have ever existed. Includes: Lilith, Marie Antoinette, Nellie Bly, Ada Lovelace, Amelia Earhart, Anita Garibaldi, Tallulah Bankhead and so many more!

ann shen

That's Not My Name:

A 14-page zine about all the animals who are often mistaken for their more popular visual relatives. Includes little informational paragraphs about each animal, in addition to full color illustrations.

ann shen

See more from Ann Shen on Etsy, Twitter, and her blog!


chomp Wow, friends, holidazzle 2012 is almost over! Only 2 days left. I want to send out a huuuge thank you to all of the shops that participated this year... it was the best holidazzle yet thanks to you guys. AND I wanted to remind all of you uh-mazing readers of a few deals that are still happening:


Get 20% off ban.do's entire site with the code "feelpretty" through the end of the month.

Get 15% off art at Ugallery with the code "artsocial15" until December 21st.


Catch up on all of the holidazzle 2012 shops right here or see all the goodies on pinterest!


Today's holidazzle spotlights one of my fave bloggy friends, fellow ban.do brand ambassador, and creator of awesome objects - Emily Reinhardt. Her blog and Etsy shop, The Object Enthusiast, are definitely worth a look-see, a perusal, and a bookmark... scalloped-bowl

I'm all about craft, quality, and a little bit of sparkle & pizazz, which is exactly why I love Emily's work so much... and apparently I'm not the only one. These bud vases sold out while I was writing this post! Wowza. I'll be checking back in with her shop on the reg. I'm in love with that white and gold bud vase. Which one do you like the most?


From the top: scalloped bowl | gray and gold bud vase | white and gold bud vase

See more from The Object Enthusiast on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, and her blog!


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Until today I thought my favorite Christmas decoration was my childhood ornament: Grover making a snowman. Well move over, Grover, you've got some competition from Design desTroy...design-destroy That Aww Yeah ornament needs to become part of my office decor, forget the Christmas tree.

Aww Yeah | Awesome

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roxy-marj These Roxy Marj clutches are some of the cutest I've seen in a while... and this shop's about page made me love them even more:

I am obsessed with producing a product from start to finish that is impeccable in quality, has unique designs/illustrations, and I plan on doing that with my business even if it takes me 20 years to get noticed. Some people label me a perfectionist, but I like to think of myself as a very happy hard worker who doesn't cut corners, and who feels very fortunate to be blessed with a creative mind.

I love her definition of a perfectionist... I'm totally using that one.


Clockwise: Spotted | Harvest Print | Harley Plaid | Eye to Eye

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25 days. 25 shops. Check out the other holidazzle shops right here!