the-cupcake-kid Happy February, friends. This month is one of my favsies. Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who really loves Valentine's Day... but that's not why it's my favorite. This month is also my birthday month! Yeeah boi.

As I start to officially become an adult, I really want to have an adult apartment. I want it to reflect my style in my 27th year, ya feel me? That probably means no longer buying all of my home goods at Target and Ikea. Okay, I can do this...deep breaths.

It's time to start building up my collection of awesome + original finds... one of a kind stuff no one else has. These vintage goodies and handmade ceramics by The Cupcake Kid are (a) perfect for Febs and (b) they'd really class up this joint aka my apartment.

AND guess what? The Cupcake Kid is offering all of you 10% off through February with the code MYVALENTINE!! Yeeah boi, again!

Oh I lurrve the idea of decorating with vintage letterpress type... which item is your favorite?


Featured goodies: 1. clay tag 2. xoxo dish 3. polka dot mugs 4. brass mouse 5. love handmade dish 6. stoneware creamer 7. kiss letterpress type

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It's not always easy to find your style... there's a lot of cute stuff out there, but what really looks and feels like you? Finding your style can take months - years even! - of searching, testing, and pinning all the different things that speak to you. I'm learning that refining your taste and style means you have to be picky... I used to think being picky was a bad thing, but now I'm starting to think it's actually a pretty great thing. We should be picky! Being picky means we're really listening to our gut, being honest, and wanting what's best for ourselves.

On my quest for the perfect Alt bag, I came across Leah Lerner's shop. While I didn't have time to order one before the big conference, it was definitely love at first sight... leah-lerner

Leah Lerner creates bags that are modern, clean, and simple with pops of color and pattern... Love everything about that. Definitely my style.

Which one is your favorite? Isn't that gold tote amaaazing?


Featured goodies: 1. Leather Tote in gold 2. Large Clutch in brown and blue 3. Leather Tote in gray 4.  Leather Shopper in black 5. Leather Pouch in gold 6. Large Clutch in brown 7. Large Clutch in Black & White

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Colorful and easy to wear. Prerequisites for my jewelry, really. I'm not a very good girlie girl, I can't accessorize to save my life. So when I find jewelry that's so beautiful it can stand alone as my only accessory and make me look grooood in the process? INSTANT LOVE. Reintroduced sure knows what's up.

Are you also picturing that necklace with half your wardrobe? It would look so cute with the sweater I'm wearing right now... what's that? The holidays are for buying for others? Oh yeah... but I can't resist. These necklaces are like tiny wearable art!

I think the gift-giving formula is something like: unique handmade jewelry = 1000 times more awesome than any other gift. Pretty compelling evidence, huh?


From the top: pastel mint | hot pink | flamboyant | lovable vanilla | dusty pistachio

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Is there anything better than getting a letter in the mail? YES. Getting handmade inspiration from one of your best bloggy friends, complete with star-shaped confetti and a handwritten note (folded old school style where you pull the tab and the letter unfolds). Yeah. That's better.

A while back Louise of Laid Off Mom and I decided to mail each other letters full of inspiration and motivation. Nothing expensive, nothing fancy.... and, ya know, it was the BEST thing I got in the mail all week. And that's saying a lot cuz I had ordered two pairs of shoes online.

L's letter totally made my day... maybe even my week. Last week was tough. In this blogging game it's so easy to feel unsure of yourself. I am so incredibly grateful to have stumbled into a community of strong, supportive, and endlessly inspiring bloggers. I heart you all so much. Wow, sorry to get all emo. All that from a letter, powerful huh?  Let's write more letters.

Oh! and guess what Laid Off Mom and I are planning for next Tuesday?? Guess. Nope, I'm not telling you. You'll just have to wait until Tuesday... omigah you're gonna love it.


P.S. - I'm so not used to writing letters, I actually typed out my letter to Louise and then wrote it... is that cheating?

Image one by Laid Off Mom | Image two found here.