High Five

So many exciting things happening at the artsocial headquarters aka my home office... which I've dubbed my l'office because of it's location in a loft. I digress. Possibly the most exciting thing is the rad little giveaway I'm putting together for Monday! Pretty pumped about this one, guys. Eep! I want to just tell you now, should I?... no no, I can't. Monday's the day. Until then, go enjoy your weekend ya hear? Only do those things you really love.

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Happy First Friday

Phew, finally Friday is here... and it's not just any Friday. It's First Friday! Arty folks rejoice! For those of you unfamiliar with First Friday, it's when many galleries and museums around town open their doors and give you booze. Basically. Sometimes there's music and what not, but mostly it's just a big party with drinks... oh and art. Sounds fun, eh?

Will you be partaking in First Friday? I'd love to hear where you're goin! Happy Friday, friends!

Want to know what exhibits are happenin' in Denver? Check out artsocial's art guide.

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Go Have Some Fun

Sometimes when the weekend rolls around, all I want to do is cuddle up on the couch with a Bravo marathon... don't lie, you love Bravo too! But lately I've been trying my hardest to get outside on the weekends... ya know it's spring and all, plus I hear fresh air and sunshine is good for you or something. So get out there, friends! Let's enjoy this weekend.

A little bit of Outkast to start the weekend off... but I couldn't bring myself to spell "get" wrong.

Image via Kate Spade blog