© Kate Donaldson Photo I bet my boyfriend thought I was kidding when I said I wanted a piñata for my birthday... nope, I was serious. Hey, February was dedicated to new experiences...

I never had one when I was little, so I figured it was best to get that activity checked off the ol' life list sooner rather than later. Although it was so much fun, I might want to revisit the whole piñata thing at some point... hmm new tradition, perhaps?

© Kate Donaldson Photo

Guys, I was a total piñata cheater. I didn't take turns with anyone and I refused to wear a blindfold, so I was basically peeking the whole time. Luckily, no one seemed to mind.

I was preeeetty darn excited to discover it was filled with ERIN-fetti, not gonna lie.

© Kate Donaldson Photo

Kate always has a way of making my silly antics look good. Now that's the sign of a great photographer, huh?

What's your favorite birthday tradition? Cake? Prezzies? Oh it's all so good...

Images by Kate Donaldson Photo.


Can you believe artsocial is one year old? It's gone through a loooot of changes since it first started.

Back in October of 2011, I didn't even know how to write and publish a post, I was reading a book (yes, a book!) on how to use Twitter, and I had no idea what a linkup was. I've come a long way since last year... and I CANNOT wait to learn and grow even more this next year. The future is effing exciting, huh?

What did you learn in your first year of blogging? Have you also read a book about Twitter? Please tell me you have, that would make me feel so much better... I realize I may be alone on that one.

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