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Lately I've been feeling like I never have enough time. I feel like my days are FLYING by and I'm racing to keep up. When this happens, it usually means I've taken on too much... and with it comes the stress, the anxiety, and oh - sure enough - the tears. Crazy, right?? I'm my own boss! Why would I let that happen?!

Is it just the curse of being a go-getter? Well yes and no. I definitely come from the mindset "I can do EVERYTHING. Let's do this, B." I think I picked that up in grad school... because you have to do everything there. And sure, I can take on every interesting opportunity that comes my way but do I want to? Is it worth the stress?

Being in Yosemite last month with absolutely no work, no cell service, and no wifi made me realize something - I need to value my time more. I need to value my time the same way I value my money. I need to be mindful of where I'm spending it and what I'm investing it in. I need to schedule in downtime and say no more often.

I know this sounds silly and unimportant, but the first step I took in valuing my time was unsubscribing from a TON of email lists. You know, the ones you have to wade through each day to get to the real, important emails? Why would I keep those around?? Be gone, endless newsletters!

It's a small step, but I feel better already...

Image by artsocial.

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I hope you're enjoying a day off with friends and family! Or, ya know, chillin' the way YOU WANT TO on this holiday. I have plans with the fam later tonight, but I'm spending the day catching up on some photo projects... and I lurrve it.

Pool parties? BBQs? Sure they're fun, too. But sometimes to be our best, happiest selves, we need to take some time just for us. It's not selfish, it's NECESSARY. So I'm going on a date with my camera. See y'all lataaa! Or in a few minutes on instagram...

Whether you're by the pool, with family, or watching a Netflix-athon, I hope you're doing exactly what you want to do this holiday weekend and I hope it's amaaazing. Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Image by artsocial.


4th of july style After a week long vacay in Yosemite and the 4th of July right around the corner, it definitely feels like summer 'round herrr.

When I was little, the 4th was all about soft serve ice cream and sparklers. I think I need to bring that tradition back. Stat... and start a new tradition of wearing that ban.do twist scarf all the time. Such cuteness.

What's your 4th of July style? Subtle hints of red, white, and blue or straight up patriotic? I'm thinking something casual + easy this year with just a little sparkle. Gots to have the sparkle.

Happy 4th, everyone!

01 wrap dress 02 flash bobbi set 03 twist scarf 04 satchel 05 Ice Cream by Cassia Beck 06 stacked heel sandal

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Today's holidazzle spotlights one of my fave bloggy friends, fellow ban.do brand ambassador, and creator of awesome objects - Emily Reinhardt. Her blog and Etsy shop, The Object Enthusiast, are definitely worth a look-see, a perusal, and a bookmark... scalloped-bowl

I'm all about craft, quality, and a little bit of sparkle & pizazz, which is exactly why I love Emily's work so much... and apparently I'm not the only one. These bud vases sold out while I was writing this post! Wowza. I'll be checking back in with her shop on the reg. I'm in love with that white and gold bud vase. Which one do you like the most?


From the top: scalloped bowl | gray and gold bud vase | white and gold bud vase

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Buying artwork can be super overwhelming... especially if you're buying it for someone else. The best place to start? Think about what else the giftee is into. What's their favorite movie? What's the color of their bedspread? What are they pinning and instagramming? What's their style - vintage or contemporary? After you get a few clues, it's time to play art matchmaker... Ugallery breaks their collection down into very manageable categories - medium, style, color, size, they even have a decor guide if you have a specific room in mind. Oh and they have a "view on the wall" feature that allows you to visualize the artwork in a real space. So. Cool.

Even cooler? They're offering 15% off to all of you awesome readers with the code artsocial15 until December 21st!! Hurry and get that art for the holidays, friends.

Here are some of my Ugallery favorites I'd love to gift this year (to myself).


1. Valerie Chiang, Marilyn, 2011. 2. Ely Key, View From the Chevy, 2009. 3. Ansen Seale, Moving On, 1988 4. David Arnoux, Carnival, #5, 2010 5. Valerie Chiang, Short-Winded Elations, 2010


P.S. remember: when in doubt, there are always gift cards.

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Happy Monday, friends! I hope you're all looking at a short work week as we approach Thanksgiving aka stuffing & mashed potato day. Is there anything better than stuffing and mashed potatoes? I'm actually not a big turkey fan (shhh), so I live for the sides... I started thinking about some of my favorite things about Thanksgiving... here's what I found:

1. Ready. Set. Eat. These are probably the best (and most honest/accurate) Thanksgiving invitations ever. Love.

2. SO. I'm really not a great cook... not even a good cook... ok not a cook at all. I can make oatmeal and bagels. That's about the extent of my kitchen skillz. BUT for Thanksgiving, I've always been asked to bring something. When I was younger, I was in charge of rolls... but now, now I'm in charge of green bean casserole. That's right. I'm moving up. Maybe if I had this uh-mazing green dress and green kitchen, I'd cook more... no? (Photographed by Ditte Isager)

3. I love Thanksgiving because it gives me an excuse to reflect and think about all the things I'm grateful for, all the joyous and the maybe not-so-joyous things that are happening in my life. I basically do this on the daily, but it feels like you have to do it on Thanksgiving. This tattoo is the jam.

4. This is the most awesome Thanksgiving-related art print ever... fact. 24K Gold Wishbone by Gilded Mint.

5. I love stuffing, did I mention that already? I could really eat stuffing all year round... hmm why don't I?

6. Such a great photo, yes? It perfectly captures the essence of Thanksgiving... the autumn colors and fancy clothes, the feeling of togetherness and love. Perfect. It just needs a plate of stuffing.

7. Another adorbs Thanksgiving card. Salmon pink and light blue really go well together... just like stuffing and mashed potatoes.


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