the artsocial gift guide Guys, this gift guide is becoming dangerous. There's just too much cute! The items above are some of my favorites so far... and we've got another month to go!

Whether it's used for serious holiday shopping or just to beef up your pinterest wishlist, this gift guide is so much fun to put together. BIG thank you to everyone who's pinning, commenting, and following along. It means the whole world to me. I wish I could buy each of you incredibly meaningful gifts (Leslie Knope-style) but since I can't, I'll just keep gift guiding :)

Hooray for shopping early! We're kicking so much ass right now.

Join the gift guide par-tay here or on pinterest!

book | necklace | earrings | backpack | book | scarf | shirt | terrarium

AS shop coming soon


EDC holiday It's official. The Eat Drink Create holiday party was amaaazing and we have the photos and video to prove it.

I want to start with a major shout out to our sponsors. Seriously, without them we would've been crafting in my living room. Thanks to Yoked, Happy Cakes, Minted, Zevia, and the awesome crew at West Elm in Cherry Creek, we partied and we partied in style. I think I speak for everyone at EDC when I say: THANK YOU!!


EDC holiday

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

"These are the best cookies I've ever had in my life." I heard that several times that night. Happy Cakes knows how to make a damn good sugar cookie. And the cupcakes?! Omg I could've had 50. If you haven't been to this bakery, GO NOW. Seriously, leave work. It's that good.


EDC holiday

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

Zevia is such a favorite of mine. It's rare to find a drink company you truly love and believe in, don't cha think?! Right when we started planning our holiday event I knew I wanted Zevia at the party. When they agreed to donate super adorbs bottled soda for everyone, I KNEW this was going to be our best party yet.

HUGE thank you to Zevia, not only for the bottled soda, but for letting us get creative with our holiday mocktail! The Merry Berry mocktail is made with equal parts Lemon Lime Twist Zevia, orange juice, and cranberry juice... oh and love. Get the full scoop on the Merry Berry mocktail here!


What's cooler than a holiday diy station? TWO holiday diy stations! We teamed up with the amazing and talented ladies from Whimseybox to bring our party people even more crafting fun. Thank you, Whimseybox!


EDC holiday

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

Whimseybox rocked the house with their wrapping paper diy. Seriously, it was every blogger and instagrammer's dream scenario. Kraft paper, stamps, paints, ribbon, and your imagination. YES.


EDC holiday

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

My incredibly talented EDC partner in crime, Lexy of the Proper Pinwheel, created possibly the cutest and easiet diy ever (that's why I love her), jingle bell stir sticks! Glue your choice of bells and other wintery accessories on a drink stirrer - it can't NOT look adorable.


EDC holiday

EDC holiday

It just ain't a party without a goodie bag. SO of course we had one. Well actually we had two because we're crazy like that. Crazy awesome.

How cute is that card from Sugar & Type?! She donated a variety of cuteness for our guests - this one is my fave!

My girl L of Design Stitch Go donated the cutest measuring tapes in the entire world. Fact. She's the best. Also fact.

And of course, I added some disco ball ornaments and tinsel... cuz that's just what you do.

How rad are those bags and custom labels from Pinhole Press?! Super adorable + super legit, right?? P.S. Pinhole Press lets you customize way more than just goodie bag labels... I was on their site for hours.

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

Goodie bag numero dos included these adorable little gable boxes from D & P Celebrations! Their store is FULL of cuteness. You've been warned.

Guess what was inside... HOT CHOCOLATE ON A STICK from Ticket Chocolate!! Even more cuteness in their store. Warned again.

Speaking of all things cute - Minted donated so many party goodies for us I about screamed when I got the package. Ok, maybe I did scream... like an excited blogger squeal. Their party supplies are definitely my go-to. Check out the cute Silver and Gold party supplies we got here!

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

EDC holiday

The food, the drinks, the diys, everything looked amazing. And I think that's because we had the best location: West Elm. It's the perfect backdrop for a party AND they gave away the cutest throw and a gift card to two of our lucky guests! Many, many thanks to everyone at the Cherry Creek store (Edward, Sean, you guys are the BEST!).

Also, we could never have captured the amazingness without our rockstar photographer, Katie Hellinger, and videographer, Annabelle Mintz of Evergreen Lane Productions. Thank you, ladies! Mwah!

Speaking of, it's video time!!! Get excited.

SO much love to everyone who came and everyone who made this night possible!! I had such a blast and it's all thanks to YOU. xoxo

See Lexy's recap for even more photos and don’t forget to check out the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate!

The hosts: artsocial, The Proper Pinwheel, West Elm Photos by: Katie Hellinger Video by: Evergreen Lane Productions

Thanks to:

+ D & P Celebrations + Design Stitch Go + Happy Cakes + Minted + Pinhole Press + Sugar & Type + Ticket Chocolate + Whimseybox + Zevia

Special thank you to Yoked: Where bloggers & businesses meet. They had such a huge hand in making this party bigger than we imagined!


take a break I LOVE the week in between Christmas and New Year's. So much to celebrate, and within one week! Holidays should always come in pairs... or in Paris, which is what I accidentally typed at first. I hear ya, subconscious. I'll consider a trip to Europe in 2014.

I've officially decided to take this week off. I don't even know what I'll do with myself! Get over the moon / giddy / butterflies excited about the new year? Or go rollerskating? Not out of the question.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone! Cheers! (Cuz there will be plenty of champagne drinking obvs).

How will you be ringing in the new year?

Image found here.


gift-guide-banner artsocial gift guide

It's that tiiiime! Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Oh hells to the yeah, I'm sure you're answering back. I went a little cray this year and did all my shopping before Thanksgiving. I know. I was determined to do everything online and NOT run out of time for shipping this time...

SO that means, I've been collecting all of my favorite things over the past few weeks with the help of rewardStyle, what whaaat! AND I've put everything into an easy peasy gift guide for your shopping enjoyment.

Check it! I'll be adding to it everyday, so make sure you bookmark this sea of treasures, k?

Above: belt | owl mug | glasses | clutch | loafers | satchel | dominoes


shine-onIt's holiday tiiiiime! And that means wearing more shiny, sparkly things is required. To be honest thought, I never go all out. I just can't commit to an all sequin dress or bright red lipstick. I know, it's chic and so holiday-like! But it's just not my style, ya know?

Each year, I like to pick a few sparkly items to integrate into my wardrobe. I'm still in love with my metallic gold pom, but that glitter headband is callin' my name... what do you think? With holiday parties coming up - and one mega party in particular, Eat Drink Create! - it's time for some extra sparkly accessories.

What's your favorite outfit or accessory to wear for the holidays?

P.S. starting on Friday I'll be sharing ALL of my favorite sparkly things + gifts for the holidays in my very first gift shop with rewardStyle!! I've collected so much cuteness, guys, I can't wait to share everything with you!

headband | skirt | ring | flats


EDC holiday party Friends! It's time. The Eat Drink Create holiday party is next month, December 5th to be exact, and you need to be there. Lexy and I are teaming up with some incredible folks to make this party the BIGGEST and BEST yet. We're definitely taking EDC to the next level, we're straight up cray over here.

SO, the deets! You. Me. West Elm in Cherry Creek. Treats from Happy Cakes. Sips by Zevia. DIYs (that's right, plural!) you won't wanna miss. Goodie bags for the first 50 guests (with somethin' special from Sugar and Type!). A sparkly holiday photo booth. AND - drum roll - a super top secret giveaway. I told you we're cray.

Special shout out to Minted - we love those guys - and Yoked for making this party come alive. I KNOW you've heard me gush about Yoked before, right? Where bloggers and businesses meet? As a blogger, I know how much you have to hustle to connect with sponsors. Yoked makes the hustlin' and collaborating sooo much easier, like a dating service for your blog... check 'em out.

So excited for this one, friends! Will I see you there??


I know. It's September. But the sneak preview of Minted's new holiday cards has me SO excited about the holidays! Every year I tell myself I'm going to send out holiday cards. Then suddenly it's December 24th and I haven't licked a single stamp. Oh not this year, friends. It's time. We live in a house in the suburbs. We just bought a lawn mower. I'm like a real adult over here. I'm sendin' out those cards!

Now for the hard part: which ones should I send out? Help me pick! I've narrowed them down to 5 categories...


+ Glitter Very Merry by Petite Papier


The photo will probably be of Meowmers... what am I saying - it will definitely be of Meowmers.

+ Holiday Geometry by Up Up Creative


+ Cheers to You by Paper Dahlia


+ Joy Postcard by Jennifer Wick


+ Snowman Buttons by Mark Wilson

Which one is your favorite? Cast your vote in the comments!

P.S. Minted is offering 20% off all holiday cards with the code PREVIEW 2013. This sneak peek sale ends Monday! Let's get ahead of the holidays together, eh? Come December, you'll be glad you did. That's what I'm telling myself anyways... and Meowmers when I make him dress up for his photo. Totally kidding... or am I?

This post is sponsored by Minted. All opinions + card selections are my own. Thank you for supporting the amazing sponsors who keep this party going!


It's day 25 of holidazzle! Sad face because it's ending... but happy face because it's almost Christmas and then New Year's and then ALT SUMMIT. Since it's the last day of holidazzle, I thought I'd switch things up a bit. Just like on the last day of school when you don't actually do any learning, you just sit around and day dream about the summer ahead. Well, similarly - all the online holiday shopping should already be done, so I'm gonna sit back, relax, and day dream about cute iphone cases... that's the same, right?

Too much cuteness! Which one would you get?

fab phone cases

From the top: Sparkle Stripe | What to focus on | Black Cat | Tribal | case

Thank you to everyone who participated in holidazzle!! Psst - you can get 20% off that case through the month of December with the code feelpretty!!



These little zines are genius... and I like saying "zines." Bad Girls Throughout History:

A 22-page zine that briefly, and in no way comprehensively, illustrates the bad ass women who have ever existed. Includes: Lilith, Marie Antoinette, Nellie Bly, Ada Lovelace, Amelia Earhart, Anita Garibaldi, Tallulah Bankhead and so many more!

ann shen

That's Not My Name:

A 14-page zine about all the animals who are often mistaken for their more popular visual relatives. Includes little informational paragraphs about each animal, in addition to full color illustrations.

ann shen

See more from Ann Shen on Etsy, Twitter, and her blog!


chomp Wow, friends, holidazzle 2012 is almost over! Only 2 days left. I want to send out a huuuge thank you to all of the shops that participated this year... it was the best holidazzle yet thanks to you guys. AND I wanted to remind all of you uh-mazing readers of a few deals that are still happening:


Get 20% off's entire site with the code "feelpretty" through the end of the month.

Get 15% off art at Ugallery with the code "artsocial15" until December 21st.


Catch up on all of the holidazzle 2012 shops right here or see all the goodies on pinterest!