If you've been with artsosh since the beginning you may remember a little something called Holidazzle. Half gift guide, half arty advent calendar? Yep, that's the one. Holidazzle is back this year, friends... and I think it's safe to say it's better than EVER.

The awesomeness starts November 26th... woot!

video + editing: artsocial music: Fever (instrumental) by Michael Bublé

Holidazzled by... Elephantine

Delicate bits of lovely from Rachel Ball of Elephantine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkDELa8YSqY p.s. OMG it's Christmas! Happy Holidays, all! So completes our first annual 25 days of awesome. Now go eat some turkey... or roast beast!

Holidazzled by... United Thread

From top: Five Whales Stacked, Bright Cardinals by UNITEDTHREAD

We've got snow in Colorado (or the remnants of it anyhoo) but should you be wanting some wintery birds... or whales for that matter, United Thread has you covered.

Holidazzled by... Brendan Wenzel

Above: Carnivora © Brendan Wenzel

What can I say? Illustrator Brendan Wenzel had me at the slouching seal... wait, seals are carnivores?

Wenzel sets the record straight:

The 10 meat-eating mammals featured in Carnivora represent just a small sampling of the hundreds of species found worldwide. These are either highly threatened or endangered, or they are animals that I have directly interacted with over the past few years.

See more of Wenzel's work at www.brendanwenzel.info/

Holidazzled by... Holly Stalder

Above: The Art History Dress by Holly Stalder

Having shuffled the big pink body bag that contains my wedding dress from closet to closet over the last two years, I've begun to think about a dress do-over. This confection from Portland's Holly Stalder tops my fantasy list. Not that it's any more portable but... look! I mean, if I had a spare grand, I would probably buy it just for art's sake. My advice, ladies - go Etsy with your gown!

Holidazzled by... Grayhood

1 & 2: Ramones vs Misfits  © Grayhood 

Skulls is something of a family anthem around here, only recently usurped by this gem. Is there another season better suited to the mad family love encapsulated by a sibling punk rock singalong? Halloween schmalloween! And yes, I did in fact buy this print for my sister.

In case you missed the memo (uh, no, we didn't actually send one but we thought about  it... sure we did) ARTSOCIAL is rolling out the holiday love with our own 25 days of awesome. We'll be featuring the makers and shakers on our humble list from now until the champagne goes flat but please mosey on over to our Holidazzle page for the full effect.