The Be Creative project is underway, friends! For those of you who may have missed last week's post, here's a little recap of my year-long project and what I'll be working on each month to strengthen my inner creative genius (bwahahaaa - creative genius laughter): January: meditation / the increasing awareness method February: cross-pollination / the more diverse experiences method March: create / the just do it method April: booze / the stop inhibiting the imagination method May: play / the act like a child method June: nature / the observe creativity in progress method July: borrow / the learn from other geniuses method August: live abroad / the see the world method September: compete / the push yourself method October: city life / the move to a metropolis method November: be extreme / the immerse yourself in the absurd method December: be willing / the take risks method


So it's week three of meditation month... have I had any major, earth shaking creative ideas? Yes and no.

Yes because I've realized a major concept about creativity and success in general. The funny thing is that I've heard this concept before... but something was different when I heard it this time. I finally took it in and understood the meaning. It's like the difference between hearing E=MC2 and really understanding what it means. I hear that once you're willing, you'll find what you're looking for... maybe this time I was finally willing to hear the message. Was I more receptive because of my daily meditation? Maybe. Or could it have been my willingness and dedication to learn more about creativity? Also maybe.

So what did I realize? You have to recognize and deal with your fears before you can reach your creative potential.

I've read that if miracles or inspired ideas aren't occurring naturally, something's gone wrong. Something is blocking your creativity from coming through - usually that "something" is negative thinking, worrying, or self-doubt. Wild concept, right? That would mean majorly awesome ideas are always available to us. It's our job to simply get out of our own way, let go of negative thought patterns, and be willing to receive.


The first step for getting out of our own way is to recognize what our negative thoughts are and then find out how to deal with them. At first, I found it difficult to take responsibility for holding myself back. I thought: Why would I do that? I love me! But it's true, I have thoughts and feelings that are preventing true creativity from shinin' on through on artsocial. What are they? Gah I'm scared to share them with you... Okay, here they are. At the core of almost every negative thought or anxious feeling I have are these 3 bad boys:

01. I'm new to blogging so I can't be good. 02. Who's going to care about what I have to say? 03. I'm just a blogger so I can't make a lot of money.

As a side note, I'm promising myself I will eliminate the word "just" from my vocabulary. You're never "just" anything. You're great, you're mighty, you're an effing force! But that's another post.

Nothing like listing out your fears to make you realize how ridiculous they are, huh? When I sat down and really thought about it, I was surprised at what my fears really are... because they don't show up in their true form, like the list above. They show up as seemingly harmless thoughts: What if no one comments on this post? (fear numero uno). I love this idea, but would anyone else like it? (fear numero dos). I shouldn't ask to get paid for that feature because I only have such and such number of readers... (fear numero tres).

Well I'm tired of those thoughts. I'm gettin' over these fears, ya hear, and I know I'll be presented with the right people, events, and circumstances to do just that. Take that, fears. I'm putting my foot down.


So while I didn't have any breakthrough creative ideas yet while meditating, I have had some heavy realizations. Oh and I also received an intuitive hint during meditation as to where to find a cute dress for Alt Summit... and it worked! Hey, meditation can guide you through anything.

Do you have similar worries or fears? Were you able to overcome them? I'd love to hear your story in the comments!


Don't like meditation? Here are some other creative tips that have helped me this month:

Be Creative Shortcuts:

01. Take a shower or its more relaxing equivalent, a bath. This has been surprisingly effective this month.

02. Sit in silence. Yep. Just sit in the quiet for 15+ minutes. No iphone, no music, no tv, just you... and maybe a pen and paper (for when those rad ideas start flowing in).

03. Ignore everybody and check in with yourself. How do you feel about that project, outfit, upcoming commitment you're unsure about? You know the answer.

04. Ask yourself a lot of questions. What if? Why not? What else? Keep asking and the answer will come.

05. Sleep on it. Sometimes I get my BEST ideas right before I'm about to fall asleep. Keep a journal on the bedside table fo sho.


Images, from the top: one (via Whitney English) | two (by Nini Baseema) | three (by ZinniaCottage) | four | five (by by Sarah Louise Johnson) | six (by Dieppa Restrepo)


Francesca-DiMattio Guys. You know how I promised to listen to myself more? Well there's something I keep thinking about... it keeps popping up while I'm perusing Pinterest, driving around D-town, and when I'm trying to fall asleep. I keep thinking about creativity. More specifically, how to be more creative... like, creative genius creative. Where do great ideas come from? And is it possible to train yourself to have more of them... on purpose?

I started thinking about creativity a few months ago because I wanted to take this blog to the next level of awesome. The key to awesometown, I found, was content. Good content. Original content. Content that makes my blogger heart proud.

Since then I've had some great ideas for collaborations, insights and hunches as to who to hire to redesign my site, and an aha moment for a new art style series (coming soon, woot!). All of these ideas have given me butterflies, that's how I know they're goodies. But where did these ideas come from? Seemingly out of thin air. I'd be driving along thinking about Meowmers or something, when suddenly a super exciting idea would magically appear. I love when that happens, don't you? But how do I spark more of those moments?

You know how people start New Year's workout plans? Well I'm starting a creativity workout plan. I want to really explore my creative potential and develop those muscles... and ya know, if I happen to help people and change the world as a result, that'd be rad.

I want more moments of insight, more in-the-zone flashes of genius, more magical omg-why-didn't-I-think-of-that-before bolts of lightning... I want to learn how to tap into my inner creative genius. All of those game-changing ideas can't just be reserved for the Pablo Picassos, Steve Jobs, and Arthur Frys of the world... we all have the ability to tap into that part of ourselves.

This year I'll be exploring different methods for invoking inspiration and creativity... and you know I'll be sharing everything. Next week, I'll be sharing the list I'll follow to spark my imagination + creativity... eep! Some of 'em are kinda weird... and some are BIG.



How do you spark your creativity? And where the heck do you think those creative ideas come from?


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