From My Inbox

First From My Inbox of 2012 - woot!! And it is extra awesome.

From the top: Shit Kicker, GOLDI, and Swarv by Marilyn Minter. These make me feel like wearing 4 inch heels, stomping in some mud puddles, and gettin' all glam and cray.

Self Portrait with Cakes and Kirsi Pyrhonen & Jello Hat © Tim Walker. With the right shoes I think I could pull off that jello hat...

© Rut Blees Luxemburg. If I lived in these photographs I'd wear tall black boots, perch on rooftops, and look surly.

From My Inbox

Every week I get a landslide of emails and letters at work about art openings and exhibitions. From My Inbox is a neat little series that highlights the coolest art stuff that comes across my desk each week. This week's artists seem to have one thing on the brain: da ladies... or just lady limbs... coming out of a giant seashell. Ummm it just got weird.

Eberhard Havekost, Beauty, 1997

Alex Katz, Sara Mearns (detail), 2011

Hannah Höch, Siebenmeilenstiefel, 1934


Do you know of any art that's:

- full of awesome

- considered gangster and/or gangsta

- fetch, fresh, OR fly

Then send it my way! It would make ARTSOCIAL so very happy.