Holidazzle. Day two. Stationery shop isavirtue makes me feel like a kid in a virtual candy store... made of paper.

I'm really bad at sending out holiday cards on time. So these past two days of holidazzle are reminders to myself to send out those cards. I've only successfully mailed out cards to my family one time. Yes, only ONE. Note to self: in the name of adulthood, work on that.

Maybe if I had these isavirtue holiday sets, I'd stay motivated... Maybe? Definitely.

If you're looking for stationery goodies, isavirtue has srsly gotcha covered - kraft wrapping paper, envelopes, journals, cards, stickers, envelope confetti - um yes please! Bloggers love envelope confetti.

P.S. I want to wrap everything in that adorbs kraft wrapping paper...


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Srsly Awesome

I'm so excited about my guest post on the blog isavirtue today!! When Kaitlyn asked me to fill in for her Musings Series this week, I thought umm heck yeah I can muse! I can muse for days. Lengthy contemplation? I'm your gal. Check out my musing on becoming a "real" blogger.

Photo by Kate Donaldson Photography for artsocial. Yep that's me back there... and yes, I created that sign in a somewhat failure of a crafternoon.