artsocial-gift-guide Whaaa! I can't believe it's almost Christmas. We got a tree last weekend and it put me in the Christmas spirit SO fast. I think it's that tree smell... it brought back so many memories of decorating Christmas trees at my dad's house. And we got a BIG tree this time. No more tiny-I-live-in-an-apartment trees for this girl!

Anyhoo, I wanted to share one last batch of favorites from my ultimate gift guide - which I really should've called Erin's Giant Wish List, because I want e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

P.S. a motorcycle scarf?? I know. I've been watching a ton of Sons of Anarchy lately... no spoilers! I'm only on season 5. I could never pull off a motorcycle scarf, so please get it for yourself or someone you know so I can live vicariously through your badass fashion sense.

Happy final shopping days, friends!!

01 field notes 02 hat 03 motorcycle scarf 04 hey ring 05 odds and ends dish 06 water bottle 07 iphone charger 08 giant gem speaker


house-&-home A friend of mine told me that when it comes to decorating, simply buy what you love. Everything will find a way of fitting together because it's your aesthetic...

I'm not sure what HGTV would say about this approach, but I'm willing to give it a try. Because a) it requires absolutely no planning - decorating can be so overwhelming! - and b) all I have to do is find items I absolutely lurrve. That sounds like fun.

With this decorating method of madness in mind, I pulled the last few pins from my House & Home board to see if they went together.

Okay, okay. I can see how this might work. There are definitely some common threads: pinks + corals, turquoise, silver-y neutrals...

Do you have a home decor pinterest board? Do the items surprisingly fit together??

01 pillow 02 ceramic basket 03 chair 04 cart 05 trash bin


kate spade saturday After quietly pinning for weeks, I'm ready to publicly announce my crush on Kate Spade Saturday.

So. dang. cute.

Have you bought any Kate Spade Saturday goodies yet? I have my eye on quite a few things. These gems are at the top of my list... especially the mint dress and that book of rad photos from L.A.– based photographer R.J. Shaughnessy. LOVE. I'm already inspired.

Happy Monday, friend!

01 dress 02 bikini 03 sunnies 04 tote 05 photo book 06 iphone case


diy splatter paint gift tags I've always loved painting. But lately, I've noticed I'm a super impatient painter. I like projects where I can create something effortlessly awesome within one hour. Hmm is that unreasonable?

Well that's exactly what this splatter paint project is... and with Mother's Day coming up, I thought it would be oh so rad and appropriate to turn my canvas into gift tags. Mom, if you're reading this... look away!

diy splatter paint gift tags

This project was inspired by Kate Spade Saturday's splatter paint print. It's so fun and SO easy to recreate. Plus, you really can't mess it up. It's gonna look great no matter what. Promise.

diy splatter paint gift tags


+ watercolor paper + acrylic paint (any color!) + 1" paintbrush + water + hole punch + scissors + twine or string + tarp

diy splatter paint gift tags


01 Mix the acrylic paint with a little bit of water, it has to be watery enough to drip. If you add too much water, no worries, just add more paint!

02 Place the watercolor paper on the floor, preferably on a tarp unless you have an awesome studio space dedicated to painting. You lucky.

03 Dip your paintbrush in the paint mixture and hold it over your watercolor paper. Drip as much or as little as you'd like!

04 After the watercolor paper dries, cut out your gift tags shapes.

05 Hole punch the top center of the tag.

06 Using twine or string, attach the tag to your gift.

Oh these tags are definitely gonna score you some extra points. High five, yo!

diy splatter paint gift tags

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Shoes and Views #63

Kate Spade Saturday PF FlyersForest Spotlight © Kate Donaldson Photo1: Kate Spade Saturday PF Flyers2: Forest Spotlight © Kate Donaldson Photo I'm pretty sure these have "birthday shoes" written all over them... they certainly seem like spectacular adventure shoes!