The Art of the Kitchen

Me and the kitchen don't like each other. Basically the only thing I make is instant oatmeal (and I'm told I even do that wrong... Kevin). Anyhoo, I'd like to get along with the kitchen better. I'd like us to be friends and make cramazing meals together. Maybe these kitchen-inspired patterns will help me warm up to the kitchen - cuz art I gets, but cooking? Not so much.


A kitchen with laughs (and booze) is the best kind of kitchen:

And this is for all the art historians out there. If you ever have to explain Semiotics, just play this video.


Images clockwise: Coffee Cups in Retro, Metro Market PearsToasters in Earth and Coffee and Mugs in Aqua, from Denver Etsy shop Fabric Luv; 1950s Kitchen Blenders and Summer Orange Slices, from the Etsy shop Spice Berry Cottage