the grownup shirley temple You guys! This is the last installment of my end-of-summer cocktail series. That must mean that *sniff sniff* summer is actually coming to a close. Before we say adios to summer, let's enjoy one last summery drink...

The Shirley Temple is such a classic. SO easy and always delicious... and let's be honest, it's a great excuse to eat numerous maraschino cherries without judgement. Needless to say while making + photographing this drink, I had waaaay too many cherries. In my defense it's made with zero calorie Zevia... so that means we can all have more cherries, right??

the grownup shirley temple

Ingredients (for one drink)

+ 3-4 oz Lemon Lime Twist Zevia + 1 oz vodka + 1/2 oz grenadine + maraschino cherries + ice


01 fill your favorite glass with ice (I opted for some vintage bar glasses to give it a more grown-up edge).

02 add vodka and grenadine, then top off with Zevia.

03 garnish with cherries. As many as you want. No judgement.

P.S. you could totally make this without the vodka for a lower calorie classic Shirley Temple.

the grownup shirley temple

I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did! Did you try any of the recipes? I'd love to hear from you!

Happy final days of summer, friends!

This post is sponsored by Zevia. All opinions + recipes are my own. Big thank you to Zevia for making this series possible!

Images by artsocial.